My Singapore Airlines Experience

singapore-airlinesWhen there’s a promo for Singapore Airlines and the price is just oh-so-irresistible, you book it right? Yes and yes! All budgeting concerns go out of the window and you just book it! Okay, I sound like a crazy person right now but I didn’t hesitate to book a flight early on this year. For just USD184.50, I was all geared up for my 3 and ½ hour flight to Singapore. 🙂

Pillow and blanket
Pillow and blanket

singapore-airlines-10singapore-airlines-17So the photos on this post are a mix from my inbound and outbound flight to and from Singapore. During my flight there, I only got a pillow. I guess the blanket was upon request that time. But during my flight back to Manila, I got both. I really liked the blanket. It was so soft. 😀

singapore-airlines-11singapore-airlines-12Before the plane takes off, they hand out these cotton hot towels. So warm and fluffy 😀

singapore-airlines-1singapore-airlines-8No book for me this time! I knew that their in-flight entertainment system would be top-notch. Even in economy class, this screen was good enough to entertain me throughout the trip. I even got to watch the latest movie that time. To be honest, their choices overwhelmed me because it was so many! It’s especially apt for those long flights.

singapore-airlines-2Yes, I had expectations on their food. I expected it to be good and just full on satisfying. I mean, it’s one of the top airlines in the world so the dishes must be really, really good. Lo and behold, they have this menu. When this was handed over to me by the attendant, I was like “whhhaaaaatttttt?!?!?!”. It was so unreal I had to pinch myself. So being the hungry employee that I am, I had to take photos of the food I ate during both flights. And oh, yay for metal utensils! 😀

From Manila to Singapore

Chicken Pastrami
Chicken Pastrami

It may look bland but this was good. Though I wanted to have more of it, this serving was enough as an appetizer. Good flavor on the pastrami and veggie bits in between

Stir-fried Prawns
Stir-fried Prawns

Being the rice girl that I am, I chose their Stir-fried Prawns. I thought it will be spicy with the mango chilli sauce but guess what, I finished the whole thing! Haha. They were very generous with the prawns that I had some left to pair with the steamed vegetables. It was actually more on the sweet side than the spicy one.

Coffee Jelly with Tapioca
Coffee Jelly with Tapioca

I was afraid that I might spill this over on myself but the consistency was a bit thick. Yeah, it prevented my clumsy joints to kick in. With good hints of caffeine on this jelly, it was good to cap off my meal with this dessert. 😀

From Singapore to Manila
I thought that I’d be handed over with the same menu but this turned out to be more grand than the other. In commemoration of SG50, they had a special menu onboard.


Singapore Celebration Salad
Singapore Celebration Salad

To start it off, this Singapore Celebration Salad was just fantastic. They were very generous on this as I worried that I might topple it. I could taste the peanuts and all the wonderful ingredients added in. 🙂

Ayam Tempra with Rice
Ayam Tempra with Rice

singapore-airlines-ayam-tempra-with-rice-2singapore-airlines-ayam-tempra-with-rice-1I was really hungry that time so yeah…sorry for the blurry photo! I had to have the local dish as that was highlighted in the introduction. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get much from the spicy fried brinjals as it was spicy! It was a little too much for me I guess. On the other hand, I enjoyed the chicken glazed in soy sauce.

singapore-airlines-dessertNo complaints on this dessert! I mean, it’s Magnum Ice Cream. Plus, I like their classic version. 😛

singapore-airlines-16singapore-airlines-13singapore-airlines-6singapore-airlines-7This flight experience definitely puts a big check on my bucket list. I have always wondered how the experience would be because I heard so many great things about this airline. Now, I just want to book another just to experience this all over again. Aside from good food and entertainment, the leg room was apt. The flight attendants were very accommodating and were all smiles during the trip. It’s no wonder it’s one of the top airlines because everything was just hands down GOOD. 😀

Singapore Airlines
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