Experiencing yumminess at Yum Cha Restaurant

yum-cha-restaurantIt was an hour later after my flight that my friend and I dined here. I was staying in Chinatown then, and she was quick to suggest this restaurant. And yeah, I was quick to search it as well. Once I read the reviews, it was a no-brainer that this be my “welcome back to Singapore” dinner.

yum-cha-restaurant-8yum-cha-restaurant-7yum-cha-restaurant-6yum-cha-restaurant-4yum-cha-restaurant-5yum-cha-restaurant-1yum-cha-restaurant-2yum-cha-restaurant-3Finding this place was a bit daunting. There was no clear signage that’s brightly lit along the busy nooks of that town. With the aid of Google Maps, we luckily found the place. It was in between some stores. One can either use the elevator or the stairs to head to the restaurant. Upon entry, silence ensued. To be honest, it was a fresh sight for me compared to the busy night lights of Chinatown. Dining at this place is like a breather from it all.

Crispy Red Bean with Banana (S$ 3.80)
Crispy Red Bean with Banana (S$ 3.80)

yum-cha-restaurant-crispy-red-bean-with-banana-1I would liken this to a banana fritter that was less sweet and more palatable to one’s tongue. The red bean paired well with the fruit that gave a more natural sweetness to this snack.

Deep-fried Shrimp Beancurd Roll (S$ 4.20)
Deep-fried Shrimp Beancurd Roll (S$ 4.20)

yum-cha-restaurant-deep-fried-shrimp-beancurd-rollyum-cha-restaurant-deep-fried-shrimp-beancurd-roll-1If you’re on a diet, this would definitely break that. It was just so good! Yes, it’s really deep fried and you could taste the oil. But let me tell you, you’ll soon forget that as soon as you revel in one bite of this. To add more flavor, one could dip it with the paired sauce.

Vegetables with Mushrooms (Regular: S$ 16.00)
Vegetables with Mushrooms (Regular: S$ 16.00)

yum-cha-restaurant-vegetables-with-mushrooms-1To tone things down and balance all those fried goods, these veggies were a good pair. Though I would’ve preferred it to be paired with rice, it was good to just snack on these. Big plus on the mushrooms for they are huge.

Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice (S$ 4.50)
Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice (S$ 4.50)

Okay, we had rice. Haha. For some reason, I would always order glutinous rice whenever I’d see it on the menu. And that night was no exception. Good call too because this was one of the good tasting zongzi out there.

Yum Cha Prawn Dumpling (S$ 4.80)
Yum Cha Prawn Dumpling (S$ 4.80)

yum-cha-restaurant-yum-cha-prawn-dumpling-1And that was one good and shrimp-filled dumpling! The ratio of the dough and filling was just right.

yum-cha-restaurant-9Though we only had light dishes that time, each dish was very filling that my tummy was happy. Service was quite fast though only a few customers were there that time (it was near closing time). It was nice to experience the yummy offers of this resto which definitely is a good welcome to anyone visiting this side of Singapore. 🙂

Yum Cha Restaurant
20 Trengganu Street (Off Temple Street)
#02-01 (Chinatown) Singapore 058479
Official website: http://yumcha.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yumchasg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eatatyumcha
Yum Cha Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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