Aligning the Symmetry

symmetry-1And my target was to have brunch here. It was nearing 12pm so I could still consider that as brunch right? ๐Ÿ˜€ Finding this place was not so hard (hello again Google Maps!). When I saw that chalkboard design, I knew that I have arrived. And yes, I prepared myself to have a taste of the good life. ๐Ÿ™‚

symmetry-12symmetry-14Before I got to have a seat, I have to commend them for their smart queuing system. I just had to place my details there including my phone number. When my table was almost ready, I got this text. After a few minutes, I got this call saying that my table was ready. And indeed, it was.

symmetry-5symmetrysymmetry-3symmetry-2symmetry-11symmetry-9symmetry-8symmetry-6symmetry-7symmetry-10The placeโ€™s interiors is a hodgepodge of items that contradicts its name. But it actually worked that gives this place a pleasing proportion in terms of its vibe.

Symmetry Benedict (S$ 22)
Symmetry Benedict (S$ 22)

symmetry-benedict-2symmetry-benedict-1Yep, I pushed on through with my brunch with their eggs benedict. And I was so glad as this was just really, really, REALLY GREAT! Yeahโ€ฆall caps for much passion. ๐Ÿ˜€ Their version of eggs ben consisted of low temperature eggs, english muffins, bacon, portobello mushroom duxelle, caramelized onions, aged cheddar and hollandaise. Upon first bite, it was rightly sweet but then you get to taste the other ingredients that just blends so well. It was indescribably good that yeah, maybe I closed my eyes for a bit there. It also had some hash brown and salad on the side to balance out the flavor.

Flat White (S$ 5.50)
Flat White (S$ 5.50)

symmetry-cookiesymmetry-flat-white-1I paired my โ€œbrunchโ€ with their flat white. And how cute was that bear? Or was this a dog…so I’m confused but still, it’s cute. ๐Ÿ˜€ It even came with a mini pseudo-gingerbread cookie. In terms of taste, the espresso was strong enough to wake me up for that day. It was one good and carefully handcrafted cup that gave me a good caffeine jolt.

symmetry-4symmetry-13The place gets easily packed and itโ€™s really no wonder why. Their food and the restoโ€™s energy is just plain addicting. Even just dining alone with good tunes in the background made me feel good all over. The service was quite fast as most of the servers were attentive and going from one customer to the next. Really, there was no alignment needed here as it is a harmonious balance of great food and service.

9 Jalan Kubor #01-01 Singapore 199206
Official website:ย
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