The Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice Stop

beach-road-scissor-cut-curry-riceIt was either this or some vegetarian restaurant across the street. But we soon found out that the other was near its closing time (and this one is open until 3:30AM). So the clear winner was this establishment for our dinner stop.

beach-road-scissor-cut-curry-rice-6beach-road-scissor-cut-curry-rice-5beach-road-scissor-cut-curry-rice-8beach-road-scissor-cut-curry-rice-4There’s not much to say about its interiors. It’s just very white and simple. Unassuming really but the long line and big crowd seemed to be a testament to the food here. The process of ordering is straightforward too as you just line up, choose what you want to have in your curry rice and then you pay.

Curry Rice
Curry Rice

beach-road-scissor-cut-curry-rice-1beach-road-scissor-cut-curry-rice-3I don’t recall the cost for this but it was cheap! If I estimate correctly, this costs less than S$ 4.00. And the serving was a lot! I could have shared this with my friend but no, we decided to go our separate ways. It may not look appetizing but this was good okay? Haha. And I really tried to capture a good photo. My friend did too and I’m unsure if she was successful. But don’t let the photo fool you for the taste was delicious. I like the punch of curry on this strewed mess of a plate. 🙂

Barley Juice
Barley Juice

beach-road-scissor-cut-curry-rice-barley-1Their Barley Juice was just okay. A little bland for me but enough to cleanse my palate for another round of curry goodness.

beach-road-scissor-cut-curry-rice-7So it was a good thing the operating hours won that hour. The food was surprisingly good and very affordable too. It was a semi-self service type of restaurant so in terms of how the food was delivered, it was very very fast! I would say that this is good for those on the go or who just wants to have a quick and delicious meal.

Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice
229 Jalan Besar,
Singapore 208905
Scissors Cut Curry Rice Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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