Strolling along Botanic Gardens

singapore-botanic-gardensDuring my first ever visit to this red dot, my family and I visited this garden. Well, I only remembered visiting the National Orchid Garden. And yes, pictures from that trip are still intact in our photo album. Fast forward to the present, I decided to stroll along this garden on a hot Sunday morning. With no water or umbrella in tow, I still had a relaxing walk along the many gardens of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. πŸ™‚

singapore-botanic-gardens-1singapore-botanic-gardens-2singapore-botanic-gardens-3singapore-botanic-gardens-5singapore-botanic-gardens-14singapore-botanic-gardens-6singapore-botanic-gardens-7singapore-botanic-gardens-8singapore-botanic-gardens-9singapore-botanic-gardens-10singapore-botanic-gardens-11singapore-botanic-gardens-13singapore-botanic-gardens-12singapore-botanic-gardens-16singapore-botanic-gardens-17singapore-botanic-gardens-18singapore-botanic-gardens-20singapore-botanic-gardens-21singapore-botanic-gardens-22singapore-botanic-gardens-23singapore-botanic-gardens-24singapore-botanic-gardens-19singapore-botanic-gardens-15My favorite part has got to be the Cool House in the National Orchid Garden. Just because it was so cool inside that I wanted to stay there for hours. I did manage to grab some h20 along the way which is recommended if you plan to go here. It would be advisable to bring an umbrella or a cap. During my visit, it rained for a bit so yeah, kinda got wet for a moment there. And oh, better watch out for some monitor lizards! I came across one and shrieked for a few seconds. And I think no one heard me that time…I think. After that, I hurried to the bus stop to go to the city. Hahaha. πŸ˜€ Yeah….that really happened. But, if ever I’ll be given a chance to go here again, I definitely would. It was quite relaxing to be around nature and bask in all its beauty. πŸ™‚


Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road,
Singapore 259569
Official website:Β


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