And now this question: & Why

and-whyWhat, where and when. Common “w” questions but for me, the more important question is “why”. It is usually the last query to be asked if there are lacking details. If you’re filled with so much wonder or interest, you ask this question: why? And for that day, I failed to ask this. With a café named as such, it does make me wonder…& Why?

and-why-2and-why-3and-why-1Enough about me reflecting on that question. Time now to reflect on the elan of this cafe which has a 1950s New York vibe. Even the baristas there dress up to this theme. Very classy and hip

Panna Cotta With Berries
Panna Cotta With Berries

and-why-panna-cotta-with-berries-1After someone jiggled this around (yeah, you know who you are…), I finally got a good photo of this. It was very light yet gearing on being a bit sour. It was probably because of those berries but it was still good.

Nicaragua Joya Jinotega
Nicaragua Joya Jinotega

And my cup was really carefully prepared for. It does have honey floral notes that made for a somehow light coffee brew.

and-why-4So, was it a good thing that I never got to ask why? Maybe because the servings of this café held no mystery after trying it out. Besides, having some unanswered questions will leave you wanting for more. Of their food and coffee of course 😉

And Why Cafe
31 Bali Lane, Singapore

And Why Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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