The Fresh Fruits Lab Experiment

fresh-fruits-lab-1Time for a different kind of experiment that involves great food and of course, fresh fruits.

fresh-fruits-lab-5fresh-fruits-lab-4fresh-fruits-lab-3fresh-fruits-lab-2fresh-fruits-lab-6fresh-fruits-lab-7The place was well-lit and filled with cute decors. It somehow has this outdoorsy feel with its wooden chairs and benches. And yes, they did stay with the whole laboratory feel with the beakers as its glasses and utensils served in a surgical tray.

Fish and Chips (S$ 19)
Fish and Chips (S$ 19)

fresh-fruits-lab-fish-and-chips-1fresh-fruits-lab-fish-and-chips-3fresh-fruits-lab-fish-and-chips-2fresh-fruits-lab-fish-and-chips-4So…this looked kinda small in their menu. And I wanted something light for that night. When this was placed, my eyes just stared at its size. It was big! My friend and I could’ve shared but she opted for something else. This beer battered pacific dory was served with their homemade tartar. It was paired with some fries and salad. I liked the balance of this dish. The fish was fried well sans the greasy part. And I really enjoyed the salad.

Da Bomb Burger (S$ 19)
Da Bomb Burger (S$ 19)

fresh-fruits-lab-da-bomb-burger-2fresh-fruits-lab-da-bomb-burger-1This was indeed da bomb! I could’ve mistaken that patty for a huge meatball. Yeah, it does seem sinful with the bacon and egg atop but it was delicious. I was able to take a bite of the patty and it was just flavorful. You could taste the spices in that meat. This was also paired with fries and salad.

Rainbow Cake (S$ 7)
Rainbow Cake (S$ 7)

fresh-fruits-lab-rainbow-cakeA must on our visit here was to try out their rainbow cake. I liked the presentation on this as it just looked oh-so-lovely. In terms of taste, really good. Not sure on how a rainbow cake should taste like but I would like this to a lemon cake. It had the right amount of sweet and sour hints that balanced the whole slice. It was a bit dense too.


Zesty Greens (S$ )
Zesty Greens (S$ 8)

Yes, this is indeed the ultimate detox drink with lettuce, cucumber, spinach, lemon and apple. And I think drinking this is an acquired taste. It was too healthy for me…hahaha.

Three To Tango (S$ 8)
Three To Tango (S$ 8)

I grabbed one of their bestsellers which is a mix of pineapple, orange and lemon. And I found this one to be enjoyable and very refreshing.

fresh-fruits-labAs the day dwindled down, this experiment was perfect to cap the night (and my Singapore trip too). The whole place down from its interiors up to its dishes worked well. This strived a good balance in bringing delicious food along with some healthy treats.

Fresh Fruits Labs
351 Changi Rd, Singapore 419818
Official website:
Fresh Fruits Lab Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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