The Luxurious Adler Hostel Experience

adler-hostel-13Finding a good and affordable place to stay when traveling alone can be a little hard. As much as I would want to check in at a grand hotel, it’s going to take a lot from my budget. Good thing there are several hostels in Singapore that offer a luxurious experience at a very reasonable price. Situated near Chinatown, Adler Hostel gave me that experience and more.

adler-hostel-8adler-hostel-7adler-hostel-6adler-hostel-10adler-hostel-9adler-hostel-14adler-hostel-5Their interiors are a mix and match of various items that all blended well together. I liked the golden details as it adds that feel of luxury.

adler-hosteladler-hostel-1adler-hostel-3adler-hostel-4adler-hostel-2I wasn’t able to capture a photo of the whole room. There were lots of stuff around from other travelers. Hehe. So I just took photos of my space. The mattress was good, and I loved the pillows and comforter. There are lots of mini cabinets where you can place your stuff. If you want your items to be secure, there’s also a cabinet for that. And if you want to call it a day and rest, you can just slide down the curtain for instant privacy.

adler-hostel-11adler-hostel-12Overall, I really had a good stay here. The place was really clean. They offer breakfast which is inclusive when you check in. And their staff was just accommodating. Indeed, staying here was a luxurious experience for me. Definitely worth every penny 😉

Adler Hostel
259 South Bridge Road,
Singapore 058808
Official website:


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