Gaining Sushi Ninja skills

sushi-ninjaAnd this place just makes me wanna sign up and become a sushi ninja master! Hahaha. I’ve been eyeing this place for some time now. I even went ahead to search reviews on this. And on one early evening, my family and I got to bow down and “fight” the dishes in this restaurant.

sushi-ninja-2sushi-ninja-5sushi-ninja-4sushi-ninja-3sushi-ninja-6sushi-ninja-7sushi-ninja-8The façade doesn’t tell much but once you step inside, they’ve got all the right interiors to make one feel cozy. Its little details got to me like the wooden crates as lampshades, star swords on their walls and little ninja warriors strewn in some corners. I took some photos of it and the servers kept on guiding me where the others were.

sushi-ninja-rice-tea-coldsushi-ninja-rice-teaTheir complimentary cold rice tea was good but I opted mine to be hot. A good tea to start one’s dining experience here.

Miso Soup
Miso Soup

Their miso soup was good. Very nice and flavorful

Salmon Belly (P 150)
Salmon Belly (P 150)

sushi-ninja-salmon-belly-1This was grilled well. Though it may seem to have a lot of fat, the meat was sufficient.

Chahan (P 165)
Chahan (P 165)

sushi-ninja-chahan-1This cup of rice was a perfect pair for the grilled salmon belly. It wasn’t too flavorful that it overpowers other dishes we had for that night.

California Maki (P 250)
California Maki (P 250)

sushi-ninja-california-maki-1Those were huge pieces of maki! And they were very generous on the filling too. It may seem that the filling was more than the rice but the serving on the two were actually equal. I don’t think anyone could go wrong with a Cali Maki but theirs just take it one notch higher.

Marunouchi Toshi (P 320)
Marunouchi Toshi (P 320)

sushi-ninja-marunouchi-toshi-1sushi-ninja-marunouchi-toshi-2sushi-ninja-marunouchi-toshi-3A toshi is a fried rice ball that is enveloped in breading. So the one you see at the bottom in the photo above is actually the toshi. It has some mayo in it too so it’s a bit creamy when you bite it. Combined with the topping, this was just awesome. It was a bit sweet. Presentation was just quite lovely. It’s amazing how the mango slice was just hugging the kani salad.

Shinjuku Maki (P 490)
Shinjuku Maki (P 490)

sushi-ninja-shinjuku-maki-1sushi-ninja-shinjuku-maki-2SO GOOD. PERIOD. Hahaha. All the ingredients on this just worked. This had spicy tuna, unagi and tamago. Topped with kani, ebiko, black sesame seeds and special sauce, the flavor was just on point. I wish I could’ve eaten more but the serving was huge too.

sushi-ninja-1No fights on this but just pure love for their dishes. It’s not authentic but more of modern takes on some traditional dishes. Staying true to its name, the sushi choices were astounding and inventive. In terms of price, its relatively cheaper but you do get dishes that are good for sharing. Plus, service was really good as they were attentive to our needs. This one gets 5 stars (not the sword ones but the shining bright ones. Haha. Corny…) out of 5 for me. 😀

Sushi Ninja
Westgate Center, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City


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