Oh, Japan

IMG_1531And there I was, posing for my friend’s camera. I really was! And yes, I have no proof of the leaves that I was supposedly taking a photo of. But that was one nice photo. And so is the whole of Japan. If my eyes could only be the lens of my camera, I could’ve taken a million shots of this lovely country. They say that the best time to go here is during the bloom of the cherry blossoms. I would love to go during that season but going here in autumn was pretty neat. You could see a couple of multi-hued leaves in a sweater weather setting.

Osaka Castle in the background

It was one busy tour after tour for my group and I. In almost 7 days, we went to 5 prefectures (Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Tokyo and Yamanashi). Of course, exploring each would be a feat. Even going to famous tourist spots was a feat too. Seriously, their train system was a BIG challenge. Having access to the internet was simply a must to navigate the ins and outs of this country.

The busy Dotonbori and my tired but happy smile

Despite not going to other spots, it gives me all the more reason to go back. There’s just too many wonderful gems that even with a full-proof itinerary, one would be enticed to visit again. As this was my last trip for the year, it was full of stories too. It was the we-got-left-from-the-group-because-we-bought-coffee, I-lost-my-parents-in-Kyoto, it-took-us-almost-an-hour-to-find-our-accommodation and we-missed-our-train-to-wait-for-the-elusive-Mt. Fuji kind of trip. And many more. Yes, definitely one for the books! 🙂

Shibuya Crossing (aka: The Scramble)


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  1. This has been one of my favorite countries, though I haven’t been here yet. Wow, I’m really looking forward to your Japan posts!

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