A Gyoza Greeting from Osaka Ohsho

osaka-ohshoAnd this was the first official Japanese dish that greeted us once we finally landed in Osaka: gyoza!!! 😀

osaka-ohsho-8It was late in the evening yet this place was packed with locals craving for some gyoza and more. They had this open kitchen where one could smell their mouthwatering dishes. In case you’re in a hurry or just want to take their dishes home, they have a take-out counter outside.

Pork with cabbage (¥ 730)
Pork with cabbage (¥ 730)

osaka-ohsho-pork-with-cabbage-1Okay, so the menu we got were all in Japanese so good thing the pictures were there to guide us. Haha. And I think that was the name of the dish. I was expecting more of the pork meat there but good thing the cabbages were that many. It balanced out our other meat dishes. This was slightly sauteed which makes for a semi-light dish.

Chicken Karaage (¥ 1,200)
Chicken Karaage (¥ 1,200)

osaka-ohsho-chicken-karaage-1And this chicken was good sans any sauce and lemon drops. It would be best to have it dipped in some sauce as its taste could get a little salty.

Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (¥ 660)
Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (¥ 660)

osaka-ohsho-fuwatoro-tenshin-han-1Looks like omurice but it actually isn’t. Searched on the net, and yes that’s the name of the dish. And apparently, their famous for this too. I liked how there were many layers of egg and how fluffy those layers were. The filling was good and so was the sauce. Good for one (yeah, wanted it all to myself) but great for sharing too.

Gyoza (¥ 260)
Gyoza (¥ 260)

osaka-ohsho-gyoza-1Now for the main event: GYOZA. A normal pair to ramen but it could stand on its own pretty well. I do think they fry it by batches because the skin of each piece stuck to each other. I didn’t mind it in the end because the flavor was just really spot on. The skin wasn’t thick that’s why it kinda breaks easily. It was apt to the filling. It’s best to eat it alone or with some sauce.

osaka-ohsho-7No wonder people flock here even late in the night. And they have a lot of branches in the country so this was one of their branches. The address below is the at their head office with the big gyoza photo which is pretty famous along Dotonbori.

Wherever branch you find yourself in, it’s one of those places where you could grab affordable meals paired with some cold beer. It’s one of those places where you could be alone with your chosen meal or bond with your bestest buds. It could also be a welcome treat for those new in the land. Either for tour or for mainstay, this definitely is one good greeting. 😉

Osaka Ohsho (Dotonbori Head Office)
1-6-13 Dotombori,
, Osaka 542-0071,
Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Official website:  http://www.osaka-ohsho.com/


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