Playing some Ludo Boardgame Bar & Bistro

ludo-boardgame-bar-&-bistro-1Yay to my first ever looloo rendezvoos! 😀 Yes, I was finally able to attend one. I’ve been wanting to meet the people behind this amazing app, and was so glad to receive an invitation from them. Not only was it a foodie meet-up for we had fun playing games at this bistro.


I wasn’t able to take much photos of the place but it was quite spacious. They have so many games to choose from that it’ll prolly take you a while to choose one. It was also noisy. Well, you wouldn’t be able to contain the excitement of the other people there who are playing. The hard part only is that sometimes, I couldn’t here the voices of my fellow looloo buddies. We played a couple of games where some were “meh” while others were a hit. Just look at our group below playing Mad Gab! If it were not for my friends who mentioned me here, I wouldn’t have seen this photo. Haha 😀

Photo grabbed from looloo's Instagram account
Photo grabbed from looloo’s Instagram account

On to the food!

Super Nachos (P 250)
Super Nachos (P 250)

ludo-boardgame-bar-&-bistro-super-nachosThis platter was served first and boy did I want it all to myself! Hahaha. It was that GOOD. I loved every filled bite of my nacho. It does live up to its name for it was very super.

Cheese Gyoza (P 130)
Cheese Gyoza (P 130)

ludo-boardgame-bar-&-bistro-cheese-gyoza-1The coating was a little thick but the filling was very spot on. The cheese didn’t overpower the dish that it takes what a gyoza should be. It was rightly cheesy and best to dip in the served sauce.

Lemon Pepper Chicken
Lemon Pepper Chicken

ludo-boardgame-bar-&-bistro-lemon-pepper-chicken-1I chose chicken for that night and decided to pair it with cheesy potato mash. The meat was very tender and flavorful. It was served with some sauce but I preferred to have it alone. As for the mash, it was too flavorful for me. Kinda overpowers the chicken which should’ve been the highlight. It’s best to have this paired with mushroom herbed rice I guess.

A&W Rootbeer Float (P 160)
A&W Rootbeer Float (P 160)

ludo-boardgame-bar-&-bistro-a&w-rootbeer-float-1When I saw this, I had to order it. I’m a sucker for rootbeer and float. This one had a good basic flavor. And you can never go wrong with classic ones. 😉

I didn’t get to have a taste of their dessert for I had to go back to the office. And yeah, I wasn’t able to play more games with them. Still, I had fun on this rendezvoos and I do hope to get invited again soon. Hihi. The setting was just perfect with good food and a couple of competitive laughs here and there. I recommend this place for some chilling out with your buddies just playing the night away. It’s really good for bonding and memorable moments I’m sure. I’ll definitely go back here and grab my friends along. 🙂

Photo grabbed from looloo's Instagram account
Photo grabbed from looloo’s Instagram account
Thank you looloo for these goodies! I really appreciate your handwritten notes. :D
Thank you looloo for these goodies! I really appreciate your handwritten notes. 😀


Ludo BoardGame Bar & Bistro
No. 38 Jupiter St. cor. Planet St.
Brgy. Bel-Air, Makati City
Official website:


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