The Ramen Shitenno Sip

ramen-shitenno-1After a long day of touring and walking, it was finally time to settle down and have a sip of some warm ramen. Along Dotonbori, there’s a lot to choose from but for that night, we stopped at this ramen joint: Ramen Shitenno.





ramen-shitenno-5It was packed with people so we had to wait. Sitting next to each other didn’t become an option for that night. It would have seemed impossible too given the crowd. I guess a semi-alone time with their ramen was the theme then. Instead of the usual “may I take your order sir/ma’am?”, it was more of “push-the-button” type of order. You go up to this ordering machine, choose your order, insert your money, and wait for the order slip and your change. You then hand over the slip to the server once your table/seat is almost ready. Very confusing at first but an ingenious way of ordering. Yes, I really felt that we were in Japan then. Haha 🙂

Soy Sauce Noodle Egg Topping (¥ 800)
Soy Sauce Noodle Egg Topping (¥ 800)

ramen-shitenno-soy-sauce-noodle-egg-topping-1And I had to go semi-basic on my order just to get a sense of what this place had to offer. The ramen broth was a little watery for me but the base was still very flavorful. The meat pieces were thinly sliced that it really was very tender. The soft-boiled eggs were perfectly cooked. And the ramen noodles were hard just the way I like it.

ramen-shitenno-2It would have been good to have it paired with some gyoza but the ramen alone was enough. It wasn’t as astounding as I would have liked it to be but it was good to warm a tiring night off. The place is packed so if you’re in a big group, you can either divide your group or go solo if in a hurry. I go think that’s the norm here as most ramen places are eat-and-run type of restos. It’s good for quick warm sips of energy boosters.

Ramen Shitenno
1-7-25 Dotonbori,
Chuo-ku, Osaka,
Osaka Prefecture, Japan



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  1. Now, you’ve gone and made me hungry for Ramen.

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