Dotonbori Konamon Museum and that giant octopus

dotonbori-konamon-museumOne wouldn’t miss this museum. I mean, just look at its entrance. One would be blind to miss out that giant octopus that seems to beckon the crowd to just go in. With one of its tentacles holding a takoyaki, this is one of those must-stop places in the busy Dotonbori district.


dotonbori-konamon-museum-3I just love how there are several take out counters in this country! It makes it convenient not just for on-the-go people but for tourists who just want to take a bite of their offer. Not only was it a take out counter but one where you would see the takoyaki action. Their movements were quite fast in prepping those delicious treats. We had ours to-go so I never got to go inside it. But the view from my standpoint was enough.


dotonbori-konamon-museum-takoyakiAnd that box held 12 precious takoyaki pieces. I wasn’t able to instantly shove one in my mouth for fear of getting a burnt tongue (yeah…happens to me all the time). After it has cooled for sometime, it was still delicious. It was very filled with every bite having those yummy octopus pieces. I didn’t expect it to be THAT GOOD because some dishes aren’t good when it’s not that hot anymore. But this one defied that. Since we bought two boxes, we were able to snack it at our accommodation and man, it was still good! Now, if I only I can find a similar one in Manila…


Dotonbori Konamon Museum
1-6-12 Dotombori,
, Osaka 542-0077,
Osaka Prefecture, Japan


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