Food finds at Universal Studios Japan

universal-studios-japan-1As much as I like sightseeing and nature and all that jazz, I’m always game when it comes to theme parks. At a very young age, I’ve always wanted to try those heart racing rides. It’s the thrill really that entices me. It’s the instant drop of your heart along with the ear-piercing screams that makes all these rides simply exciting. I got to go on several ones when I was of the right age and height. But at this theme park, I wasn’t able to ride any. The lines were just really lonnnngg. You had to wait for hours. Being on a limited time, that was just not an option for our group. So, we just strolled along, tried out the snacks there and of course, entered the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.













universal-studios-japan-butterbeerTouring this section was first on our list. Before you get to go in, you must get tickets at this counter. Then you get your scheduled time when you’re supposed to go in. It’s proof of how many want to go here. Even for non-Harry Potter fans, this is still a must-visit. The place was just adorable and consistent with the theme. My friend and I had our early lunch here. We decided to share that slab of ribs which was a bit tough for me. It was paired with some potatoes and corn. The potatoes were really good. We each got our own Butterbeer in a souvenir mug. I found the drink to be a bit sweet with all the caramel in it.




universal-studios-japan-12And we walked some more only to eat again. Haha. This was one of their special pizza with zucchini on it. A bit sweet but in a good way. The fries were good too. And having all of these with soda was really a requirement.

So tempted to buy this! But I was able to control myself.
So tempted to buy this! But I was able to control myself.


universal-studios-japan-14As the day came to a close, touring this studio was interesting. Most were in Nihongo or Japanese so appreciating it fully wasn’t there. A lot of locals still go here and only a few foreigners. So having those attractions in that language was understandable. But if I could tour this again (and eat more food), I probably will. 🙂

Universal Studios Japan
2 Chome-1-33 Sakurajima,
Konohana Ward, Osaka,
Osaka Prefecture 554-0031, Japan
Official website:


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