The Sagano Romantic Train Side Trip

sagano-romantic-train13This wasn’t part of our itinerary. We just stumbled upon this side after our walk from the Bamboo Grove. They had this model train outside that enticed us to check it out. After seeing how the actual train looked like, we then bought tickets and scheduled our ride here.









sagano-romantic-train10The scenic ride was just relaxing. I must admit that at this point, my feet ached so bad not just from that day’s tour but the previous ones as well. This was a welcome rest for my tired feet. I could have almost reached the point of dozing off but I tried my best to keep my eyes open. Blame it on the cool wind gently gushing through the train. Haha. I had to witness the picturesque sights it passed through. There were beautiful ones with Hozu River as the perfect addition. Lovely, natural and just peaceful 🙂




sagano-romantic-train12It was a somehow short ride (I felt like it was short though it lasted for almost an hour) but a very relaxing one. It may not be a popular choice for tourists but if you have more time touring Kyoto, try this one out. Bask in the cool wind as the train passes and offers lovely scenic spots 🙂

Sagano Romantic Train (or Sagano Scenic Railway)
Saga Tenruji,
, Kyoto 616-8394 ,
Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Official website:


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