Katsukara: Your One Tonkatsu Must-Stop

katsukara-5And we finally landed in Tokyo! After taking the bullet train and spending an hour or so looking for our accommodation, Tokyo, we have arrived. First on our list, EAT. Hahaha. And what better welcome it was than to have tonkatsu at this acclaimed restaurant.






katsukara-7Among all the restos we dined here, this felt the fanciest with its interiors which was very simple yet exuding elegance. There’s a bar for those who want to dine in solo and enough seating for those in groups.

Crab Meat Creamy Croquette (¥ 660) and Prawn Cutlet (¥ 420)
Crab Meat Creamy Croquette (¥ 660) and Prawn Cutlet (¥ 420)

katsukara-prawn-cutlet-potato-croquette-1And we didn’t know that this was on a per piece basis! We probably should have read the fine print on their menu. The Crab Meat Croquette was creamy and tasty while the Prawn Cutlet was very good.


Tonkatsu Sauce
Tonkatsu Sauce


Tenderloin Cutletzen Set (90g at ¥ 1,880, 120g at ¥ 2,080 and 170g at ¥ 2,680)
Tenderloin Cutletzen Set (90g at ¥ 1,880, 120g at ¥ 2,080 and 170g at ¥ 2,680)
Barley Rice
Barley Rice




katsukara-tenderloin-cutletzen-set-3On to the main star of the night: Tonkatsu! On this set, the usual unlimited cabbage, miso soup, pickled vegetables and rice were in place. I didn’t care much for the sauce on the cabbage. They have a different sauce for it which I didn’t like much. What I find unique about this place is their rice which had barley in it. It added flavor to the rice. As for the katsu, maaaannn…was it good! The pork meat was so tender. There were bits of fat but only very few parts of it. We were really hungry that time that a second serving of rice was in order. And oh, that set was just for me and only for me. 😀

katsukara-4This power meal energized us. We were ready to roam the streets of Tokyo after having a sumptuos lunch/dinner. Hahaha. Time really flies on this side. With all the tours and sightseeing, we always lose track of time when we eat. Our eyes feasted on the glorious sites here that our tummies were filled as well. So if you’re going to have a lunch/dinner moment in Tokyo, head on over to this tonkatsu restaurant. Have a fill of their unlimited cabbages, soup, pickled vegetables, rice and of course, their ever delectable and delicious tonkatsu. 🙂

5-24-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya 151-0051,
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Official website:  http://www.fukunaga-tf.com/katsukura/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/%E5%90%8D%E4%BB%A3%E3%81%A8%E3%82%93%E3%81%8B%E3%81%A4-%E3%81%8B%E3%81%A4%E3%81%8F%E3%82%89-%E4%BA%AC%E9%83%BD%E4%B8%89%E6%9D%A1-289696894558002/


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