That Mt. Fuji Moment




tanku-chaya-mt-fuji-3Once atop via Mt. Kachi Kachi Ropeway, there’s this shop that offers treats while gazing, rather, waiting for the elusive Mt. Fuji. They have lots of treats to choose from. I opted for their specialty dumpling and green tea combo priced at ¥ 360. An ice cream was in order too which was priced at ¥ 310. Perfect snacks while basking in the cool wind at this place.

Japanese dumpling and green tea (¥ 360)
Japanese dumpling and green tea (¥ 360)



Ice cream (¥ 310)
Ice cream (¥ 310)


Okay…so I got about a million shots of the Mt. Fuji. Yeah, I’m exaggerating here but seriously, I did get multiple shots. We weren’t able to see the mountain’s tip at first. It was just too cloudy then. But as the day dwindled on, it finally greeted us. It was still cloudy but the skies cleared out a little. As one of my companions called me to say this, it was my opportunity then to take multiple shots. I tried it out with a different setting hence the different colored photos below. It was breathtaking and relaxing. We could have stayed there forever but we had to bit it adieu. After taking a couple more photos, we then trailed down for the ride back at the bottom. Yes, this truly was a good moment. 🙂








Mt. Kachi Kachi Ropeway
1163-1 Azagawa, Minamitsuru-gun,
Fujikawaguchiko-machi 401-0303,
Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Official website:


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