The Yoshinoya Race

yoshinoya-1I don’t recall having tried Yoshinoya. Some say that branches that have expanded to other countries fail in comparison to the original one. Luckily, its sign shone brightly as we needed a place to dine and fill our hungry tummies.


yoshinoyaTheir seating arrangement is more in a circular fashion. If you have companions, you are seated beside each other. Not in front but beside. It’s one of those eat-and-run places for quick lunch or dinner. Now that’s what I call fast food!

Curry (Medium at ¥ 350)
Curry (Medium at ¥ 350)

yoshinoya-curry-1I was craving for curry that night so I had this. I remember telling the lady that I wanted beef but I guess this was just the plain one. Still good though! It satisfied my curry craving. 😛

Bowl of Eel and Rice (3 pieces at ¥ 1,650)
Bowl of Eel and Rice (3 pieces at ¥ 1,650)

yoshinoya-bowl-of-eel-and-rice-1It was either curry or this. I got a big piece (as my mom wouldn’t be able to finish it all) and it tasted really good. The marinade seeped into the eel. Though there were small bones in between, I didn’t mind it much. Plus, its meat was a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Grilled Salmon Meal (¥ 450)
Grilled Salmon Meal (¥ 450)


yoshinoya-gyudonThe serving of the salmon was a bit small but it is paired with some gyudon so that should fill one up. I didn’t like that the gyudon had so many fat but the slices were very thin.

yoshinoya-3So glad to finally try this fast food chain right where it started! Dishes are affordable and the service was very fast. For some quick lunch or dinner, this place will surely let you win any race with a full stomach.

10 Kanda Matsunagacho, Chiyoda,
Tokyo,  Japan
Official website:



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  1. Of all the fancy shmancy restaurants I’ve been to Japan, between you and me, this is type of stuff is still my favorite haha 😛

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