Heading to the Tokyo Tonkotsu Base

tokyo-base-3Ramen time in the afternoon? No problemo! It was late in the afternoon after another busy tour around Tokyo. Stumbling upon this ramen place at Shinagawa Station, we tried our luck here.




tokyo-base-5Since this was situated at the train station, the set-up is the eat-and-go kind. At first, I found it odd that there were hangers on its side. I soon found out that was for the coats of the locals here. They do dress up real nice for work complete with a coat or a blazer. It was then that I found out this ramen place is by Ippudo. I knew that we were in for a real treat then.

tokyo-base-7The ordering system is automated. You just choose your order on the screen and insert your payment. You then get the paper and hand it over so that your order can be prepared. In just a matter of minutes, your ramen is ready. Yes, very fast service!


tokyo-base-ramen-1Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the name of my chosen ramen. No English menu this time. I just chose something that seemed like the very basic base with a slice of pork. I was asked how I would like my ramen noodles. It was the first time that I was asked how I wanted my ramen noodles here. I chose hard and didn’t regret it. The base was really good with a somewhat thick consistency. The soup base’s flavor was just rich. And as for the noodles, really good. The overall taste for me was stellar.



Complimentary tea that went well with our ramen choices.
Complimentary tea that went well with our ramen choices.

tokyo-base-6So if you’re in a hurry to grab a warm bowl of delicious ramen, head on over here at Tokyo Tonkotsu Base. I guess lady luck was on our side when we stumbled upon this. As more customers came in, our tummies were slowly filled with ramen goodness at this base.

Tokyo Tonkotsu Base
3-26-27 Takanawa, Minato,
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan


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