Totti Candy Factory: A Rainbow Cloud Experience

totti-candy-factory-4While walking along Harajuku, we kept seeing humongous cotton candies shaped like a cloud. Of course it piqued us. It was just so fluffy and big. Looking around, we finally stopped at where the factory for these sweet fluffy treats.




totti-candy-factory-2The place was small and situated at the 2nd floor. Aside from cotton candy, they also have cake pops and other candies at their hailed “Candy Room”. The headroom going in was a bit low but once inside, you can probably say you went and died at candyland. The lighting emitted blue and red. There were mirrors too that made the place looked bigger.




totti-candy-factory-cotton-candy-1We came here for the cotton candy cloud. The one we chose was the smallest. Yes, there’s a bigger one with four layers. Ours only had three. The first layer is white which is sugar. The second one, which is pink/red, is the strawberry layer. And the last one, the blue fluffy layer, is flavored blue hawaii. To be honest, I couldn’t distinguish the flavors much but it wasn’t that sweet. Yeah, I know, how can it be not that sweet right? But it really wasn’t. It was a good snack to munch on while walking along Harajuku.

totti-candy-factoryAs much as I wanted to take multiple photos of the cloud, one of the ladies there kept on directing us where to take photos of it. With that kind of treat, it must have gathered a lot of attention, thus, taking all the attention away from other stores. I wouldn’t blame her. It is very eye-catching. Not just that but a good and cute treat too. 🙂

Totti Candy Factory
150-0001 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 1-16-5 RYU Apartment 2F,
Tokyo, Japan
Official website:


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