The Unmessy MOS Burger

mos-burger-8And this is the last of the Japan food series. Well, last for now. Hehe. I know that I’ll be back for more foodie finds here. They have a variety of dishes to choose from the local ones to Western fare. For our last night, we tried out another famous fast food that’s been around since 1972. Time now to try the unmessy MOS Burger.








mos-burger-7Their branch at Shibadaimon may seem small at first but they do have a 2nd floor to seat their hungry customers. The 1st floor is intended for order taking only though there are few seats there too. They seemed ready for tourists as they have an English menu on hand.

Mos Burger (A la carte: ¥ 370, meal: ¥ 490)
Mos Burger (A la carte: ¥ 370, meal: ¥ 490)




mos-burger-mos-burgerThe must-try burger here: MOS Burger. It may look messy with the sauce but it actually held its own in the burger. It was very tasty with the patty being juicy that complemented with the other additions. The buns were pretty good too.

Tobikiri Cheese Burger (¥ 440)
Tobikiri Cheese Burger (¥ 440)

mos-burger-tobikiri-cheese-burger-1We were curious as to what a tobikiri. We soon learned that its patty was a mix of beef and pork. My friend had this and gave me a taste. The taste was superb! The meat patty had a different flavor and I really liked the tangy taste of the sauce.

mos-burger-9This was a good last stop before heading home. We needed something fast as we had to catch our flight. It did deliver in terms of speed. As for the food’s quality, it’s really good. Good on one’s budget, you can never go wrong at this fast food chain.

MOS Burger
1-15-7 Shibadaimon, Minato,
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Official website:



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  1. I do miss MosBurger quite a lot. It might be the coffee milkshakes.

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