Pass that Wooden Spoon please

I have been eyeing this restaurant whenever we would pass by Katipunan. But we never got the chance to drop by. Good thing it opened a branch sorta near us. As we whipped our imaginary wooden spoons, let’s spoon in on what this restaurant has to offer.

I never got to take good photos of the place for it was packed. A lot of customers really wait before they get their table. We also had to wait and yeah, we didn’t exactly get good seats. I did request for us to be seated on the couch area but that was already assigned to a different group. The server did try but clearly and calmly explained the situation to us.

Crab Pancit (P 195)

This is one of their popular appetizers which was conceptualized by Michelin Chef Jacques Marniere and Nora Daza. Upon seeing that combo, you just had to try it. Before the server mixed this, I got to take photos of this lovely mess. It may seem big in terms of serving but it was very light and good for a table of three. It had slight sweet hints thanks to the crab. But what I liked the most was the cream which was just airy and light in terms of taste. Perfect appetizer to prep one’s palate

Squid with Chili and Mushroom (P 275)

I liked the heat on this. It wasn’t too much that could overpower one’s senses.

Wooden Spoon Crispy Chicken (P 230)

Wooden Spoon’s take on Korean chicken gets a big fat check from me! It was so good! At first I thought that it lacked sauce. I mean, it looked a bit dry with the drizzled sauce. But the chicken pieces were marinated well that it packed that sweet flavor that I was looking for. The meat inside was tender and juicy. Honestly, I didn’t mind the sauce for this was good without it.

Stuffed Pechay (P 195)

This was one of those “bitin” dishes. I really wanted more of it! Haha. The stuffing consisted of tinapa and minced meat where you could really taste the former. It was still a good balance with the minced meat. Basked in mildly spicy coconut sauce, it was the perfect combination really.

From their service up to their dishes, I wouldn’t mind waiting in line to dine here again. It’s the perfect go-to place for family bonding as the food will have you bonding more. So yes, could you pretty please pass that Wooden Spoon again? 🙂

Wooden Spoon
G/F Power Plant Mall,
Rockwell, Makati City
Official website:

Wooden Spoon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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