Feeling the Guan Ding Tea House warmth

After our gondola ride, the breezy cold wind greeted us at Maokong Station. As much as we wanted to tour the place, it was a bit dark. This teahouse shed some light. As we entered its warm interiors, we readied ourselves for some comforting tea.

This resto is evident of Japanese influences. You could opt to have your tea and snack either sitting down Japanese style or the other version. The color scheme was pretty much chocolate brown all the way.

Matcha Red Bean Waffles (NTD 220)

To be honest, this was pretty ordinary for me. It’s a pretty good waffle but I didn’t get the matcha or red bean taste much. It’s a little crunchy and not that sweet. I was glad that it was paired with some fruits and dollops of whipped cream.

Bao Chung Tea (NTD 200)

Judging by its color, you could tell that this was one light tea. And it really was. I do prefer stronger teas but this was a good break from that.

Having tea here was a nice stopover. Its best shared with friends over serious or silly chats. Before heading back to the breezy cold Maokong wind, it was good to have felt the warmth of this tea house.

Guan Ding Teahouse
Maokong, Taipei, Taiwan


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