The Yonghe Chinese Type Breakfast Shop Stop

And this was where my researcher skills failed me. But it somehow ended beautifully. This was an unintentional stop for us. We were supposed to grab our breakfast at this other famous resto but that was oddly closed. A few steps away was this breakfast shop abuzz with hungry customers.

The place wasn’t big with only few tables and seats. Consider yourself lucky if you chance upon a table here. But most would have their orders to go. We decided to dine in even though our place was a few blocks away from here. Service was fast and that was that. They concentrate more on bringing the food to you and serving lots of customers. Yes, servers might seem mean for some but that isn’t their intention at all. They are just really focused on bringing good food to their diners.

Yeah…I kinda failed too on listing down what our orders were. Maybe it was the morning rush that didn’t reach me then. But this pastry was soft. Some may opt to have some filling on this but on its own, it was really good.

You can never have too many xiaolongbaos in your lifetime. Though its exterior was a little hard, the overall taste was still good.

Photo may not look that enticing but this was my fave among the bunch! I would liken this to a sushi where the filling was the main star. This consisted of freshly pounded pork floss (yeah…I heard and saw the lady smash it into pieces), pork and egg. There were other parts too that I don’t know but in the end, it was just good.

I loved how warm and slightly sweet this soya milk was. Since my friend and I loved this so much, we went back to buy another round. Just look at how bubbly that is. Even though I prefer my cup of joe in the morning, I wouldn’t mind exchanging it for this.

For fast and good food, head on over to this breakfast shop at Ximen. You’ll surely get your money’s worth and get your tummies filled in a flash.

Yonghe Chinese Type Breakfast Shop
No. 30 Section 2, Hankou St,
Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan


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