Huaxi Night Market by day

Who goes to a night market during day time? Us! Yeah…well, we were supposed to go here at night but no one can really make a fool-proof itinerary (unless you’re a tourist guide). Ours was meant to be flexible and go-with-the-flow/research type. When you think about it, it makes the trip more fun and interesting. And yes, going here during daytime definitely was that type.

This surely is one of the organized markets here in Taipei. In terms of selection of goodies to buy, it’s varied for sure. Even in terms of food, one could taste exotic dishes (yes, the one in the photo above). And no, I did not attempt to eat for my hungry self was very tame that morning. It may seem like you could walk freely but do watch out for motorcycles that pass by.

And it was a very peaceful stroll along this street. I could just imagine how busy this is at night so it was nice to see it this way: serene amidst a sea of some locals.

Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market
Huaxi St., Wanhua District,
Taipei City, TaiwanΒ 



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