The Shilin Night Market Buzz

FOOD COMA. Yes, we were exactly in that state. The variety of food here was just astounding. Aside from food, one could also buy lots of goodies here. But we really came here for the food. And the choices just surprised us. The game plan: share every dish we find here. Good game plan for anyone who wants to tour this busy night market.

Club and Cheese (NTD 70)
My friend who was clearly happy with our first dish!

I would liken it to a mashed potato only super duper improved! Instead of gravy, you get loads of cheese and other ingredients that make it oh-so-good. There are other choices but this was the only one available. It had bits of pineapples too which was a nice addition.

I thought this would be too sweet but it wasn’t. It’s hard shell would be a bit of challenge but once you bite into it, Β the sweetness of the strawberry kicks in.

Yummy! I liked the bursts of pepper here.

And the lady kept on telling us that it’s hot. True enough, it was! I was the first to try and got my tongue slightly burnt. But the filling here was just really good. This is fried milk with some little coating on the outside. So goooddd πŸ˜€

I liked how tender this was. Opting for just salt was good so as to taste the meat better.

There’s another treat that we tried but I’m saving a special spot for that. It may seem like we didn’t eat a lot but the breaks in between those snacks somehow made us full. Β Plus, there were just too many choices that it would overwhelm anyone who’s dropping by here. Rest assured, whatever dish you choose, it’s going to be delicious. πŸ™‚

Shilin Night Market
No. 101, Jihe Road, Shilin District,
Taipei City, Taiwan


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