Blinded by the Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Oh hello there man who’s cooking up really good fried chicken!

And a hello to you too! This deserves a special spot. I’ve wanted to try this when it opened its branch in the Philippines. But I told myself, “one day, I’ll go to Taiwan and taste the original!”. A dream come true? Yeah…you could probably say that. 😉

The line is a bit long. While in line, they give you this bag where they’ll place that famous large fried chicken.

It’s interesting to watch them prep. It was just so fast as they need to keep up with the long line.

For only NTD 70, you get fried chicken that’s bigger than your face! And yes, it was all mine for the taking. Kidding! I had to save room for other snacks. We opted for the non-spicy version. It was served hot and it was GOOD. Very crispy yet juicy on the inside. At first I thought that it would be boneless but towards the bottom, you could sense its presence there. Still, a good and filling snack that is good for sharing 🙂

This was situated among the other stalls but still catches attention both from tourists and locals. I was looking forward to trying their other dishes but this was strictly a fried chicken stall. One could still try their other fried goods (and even their shakes) at other branches all throughout Taiwan. Just spot their sky blue signage and long line, and you know you’ve found this famous fried chicken joint.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
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  1. From the looks of it – mas malaki pa talaga sa Hot Star dito sa Pilipinas! :O

  2. Gusto ko din yan, kaya lang ang appeal kasi sa kin talaga ng Hot Star e yung nakikita mo sya sa daan habang nageexplore ka sa Taiwan at mura sya na pagkain. Dito kasi e proper restaurant na sya so other than malaki ang manok, medyo diluted na yung experience. Though opinion ko lang naman yun.

    • Kung papansinin mo, yung mga franchises dito nagiging magara bigla. Hindi ko alam bakit biglang “glorified” ang mga iyon. Pwedeng iniaangkop yung mga franchises sa ating kultura. Tama ka, hindi parehas ang experience. Different experience ika nga pag andito na.

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