Tzen Mochi Madness

Ask what’s the local specialty here and it surely is this soft piece of wonder. I’ve always liked mochi and the size of this just astounded me. With the variety of flavors, any mochi lover would just go mad here.

There are other mochi shops according to our tour guide but this was the most famous one. Aside from mochi, they have other sweet treats that one could take home. Let’s start with the mochi madness shall we? πŸ™‚

Original Mashu Taro (NTD 25)

Original Mashu Green Bean (NTD 13)

Original Mashu Red Bean (NTD 14)

Original Mashu Green Tea (NTD 20)

Original Mashu Sesame (NTD 14)

Original Mashu Sweet Potato (NTD 25)

Purple Rice Mashu Red Bean (NTD 15)

All were soft and really big! And yes, all were covered with generous flour! My fave among the bunch was the taro kind.

After our long trip, it was a good snack on our way back to Taipei. As this was near Hualien Station, it surely is a must-stop for anyone visiting this place.

Tzen Mochi
No. 32, Fuyu 2nd Street,
Hualien City, Hualien County,


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