Pre-flight meals at Espressamente Illy

Just a few hours before our flight, we decided to grab some meals here. It was near our gate and seemed apt as a pre-flight meal.

There are lots of dishes to choose from light to heavy meals. Service was just okay.

Spaghetti with Pork Meat Sauce (NTD 160)

I had a taste of this and it was just okay. I found it to be a little bland.

Spaghetti with Seafood and Pesto Sauce (NTD 190)

Risotto with Seafood and Pesto Sauce (NTD 190)

I was surprised at the serving of this one! I got the risotto version which had generous amounts of seafood in. It was quite flavorful but towards the end, it got a little too flavorful for me.


Having coffee here was just a must. It was good cleanser to the flavorful dish that I had. I paired it with their tiramisu for my sweet tooth begged it. Their version was light and oh-so-good. I liked the chocolate powder and choco bits on top.

As we bid this place adieu, it was nice to cool down by this cafe. Though there were lots of restos at the pre-departure area, we decided to take our chances here. The line at the immigration could get long so it’s safer to check out the restos at the departure area.

Espressament Illy
Departure Area, Taoyuan International Airport,
Taoyuan City, Taiwan


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