Adding some Salt Bakery

There are a lot new restos along Katipunan Avenue. Every time I go here, I would always think “how lucky the students are these days…”. I mean, they have a lot choices now though some aren’t friendly for those on a tight budget. Back in the day, the fast food chains were options along with other few good restos. In terms of dessert, I could count them using my one hand. Now, there are a lot. During my stroll, I chanced upon this bakery that offered some sweets for that afternoon. Time to add some of that Salt Bakery!

The place wasn’t solely for the bakery. Some of the diners were there for Go! Salads. As much as I want to eat healthy, I really needed caffeine boost that day.

Cappuccino (P 130)

This was a strong one. I still skipped on the sugar just because I like my coffee strong. It’s my first time trying Nespresso out and I found it to be good.

Tosi (P 125)

This was inspired by Christina Tosi’s Crack Pie of Momofoku Milk Bar. And yes, they named it after her. It may look dense but it was surprisingly light. The only “hard” parts of the slice was the butterscotch center. Its sweetness paired well with my coffee that day.

‘Twas a quick cake and coffee run at this joint. With their small space, I would rather have my sweets to go. There were a couple of students hanging out but I find the space just small. In terms of service, it was fast. But you do have to clean up after yourself as this is a claygo (clean-as-you-go) place. That’s actually a plus for me and seemed right given their space. 🙂

Salt Bakery
Miranda Building, 325 Dela Rosa Street corner Katipunan Avenue,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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  1. Ah, so that’s how Salt Bakery looks like 😉 Saw it during my trip to Equatorial Coffee, and now looking at the custard got my curiosity! XD

  2. Wanna try thay Tosi cake! Mmm hmmmm butterscotch center!!!!

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