Missing Shi Lin

Yes, I miss Taiwan. I miss the sights and most especially, their dishes. I know that I wasn’t able to taste all (hello stinky tofu! πŸ˜›) but I know that I’ll be back for more. So for now, this will do. I’m not sure when they opened their branch here but it was a welcoming sight for my condition.

This used to be the place of Motorino but that one moved to the busy 2nd floor. The floor set-up was the same though replaced with interiors to make it feel as if you’re transported someplace. I did notice though that they need to fix their floor tiling. Some of the tiles were loose.

Original Xiao Long Bao (6pcs at P165)

The layer was a little thick but it was a good xiao long bao. It was soupy on the inside and best to dip it in some soy sauce mixed with vinegar.

Hakaw (P 155)

Their Hakaw was equally good too. For one order, you get four delicious hakaw pieces that’s rightly filled.

Noodles with Sesame and Peanut Sauce (P 165)

I ordered the regular one but it was a little spicy. So I’m not sure how spicy their other version of this is. I just had trouble with the noodles. Once I mixed it in, all got tangled up. I guess it was the sauce. In terms of taste, it was good though you have to pair this with something else. The taste of the peanut could get overpowering.

Braised Beef Noodle Soup (P 295)

This probably would have been a better option. Its broth was very nice and bold in terms of flavor.

Deep Fried Mantou (3pcs for P95)

I wish there was more condensed milk but chewing it on its own was good. It wasn’t oily and was a good pair to our other dishes.

Mushroom and Vegetables Bun (P 135)

This took some time to prepare (about 15 minutes or so) but better skip it. It was just bland. It came with no sauce which might add some flavor. Best to go with their other buns or just stick with their dumplings.

I still miss Taiwan. Dining here was good though it didn’t meet my expectations. There are good Taiwanese restaurants here that are better choices. In terms of service, it was just okay. In terms of food, the xiao long bao really shone. Price was friendly on one’s budget. Overall dining experience, it was just okay.

Shi Lin
3F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center,
Greenbelt, Makati City
Facebook: Β https://www.facebook.com/SHI-LIN-170754372968415/

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