Food Tasting at Casa Italia Cafe

Thank you Zomato for this food tasting event! It’s been awhile since I last attended one of their foodie meet-ups but was glad to attend this one. And on a very hot day, who would say no to some good gelato right?

The place was spacious with their gelato taking center stage. They also have ample seating on their 2nd floor which is perfect for gatherings. According to one of the owners, the design and all the furniture came all the way from Italy. Talk about staying committed to the brand!

Not sure when they’ll release these new items to the public but yes, they have new offers on top of their existing ones. Let’s start with the food tasting shall we? πŸ™‚

Pumpkin Soup

This was one good soup to start the event! It was rightly creamy and tasted very much of the pumpkin. I liked the addition of bacon bits (I think) but overall, this was one very good soup.

Sole Fillet with White Wine and Capers

I wasn’t a fan of this. I found the taste of the wine overpowering the delicate taste of the fish. The capers were a nice touch but this wasn’t really for me.

Chicken Parmigiana

I would prefer this over the fish. The chicken was a little tough but still very flavorful.

Salisbury Steak

Winner! Yeah, the patty was a little tough but man was that sauce good! Our portions then only included the patty but imagine that with some warm rice and egg. Perfect combination if you ask me! Hope this passes the mark and gets permanently stamped on their menu.

Bbq Pork Belly

When I first saw this, I instantly thought of the fat. I was checking out the serving and how much meat I could get from it. Surprisingly, there was more of the latter and very lean at that too! I also liked the sauce which was tangy and just right for the serving.

Summer Daydream (Apple Peach Cobbler)

Our mini serving

Of course you have to save room for dessert when here. It’s an absolute must! For this new dessert, it’s meant for sharing and look just how generous they are with it. Veering from the usual sweet treat, this wasn’t that sweet which gets a thumbs up for me. The cobbler was just warm that paired nicely with the mango gelato.

Midnight Surprise (Choco Lava Cake)

Our serving

How cute is that! I couldn’t believe that’s a lava cake right there. I actually had a problem how to eat mine for the chocolate goodness just wants to come out! And yes, this was good too. πŸ˜›

Casa Italia Cafe Team

There were a couple of misses and outstanding hits. For sure, their Pumpkin Soup, Salisbury Steak and BBQ Pork Belly won my heart. I hope these would be available soon as well as their two new awesome desserts. I have yet to try their coffee and other gelato flavors. So is another visit a must? You bet! πŸ˜€

Casa Italia Cafe
Forbestown Road, Burgos Park,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Official website: Β
Facebook: Β
Instagram: Β

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