The Beni’s Falafel Love

I distinctly remember the first time I had a falafel. I wasn’t impressed and just found it to be bland. I heard this place was good so it was time to give this Middle Eastern dish another chance. After my experience, it was nothing but love for this snack.

I didn’t expect this place to be in a mall already. It used to be just this small store with really few seats. I wanted to experienced that rawness but time flew by and now they’re in a mall! Their space was simple with Middle Eastern touches here and there.

Schnitzel (P 295)

One could opt to have this breaded chicken breast with either mashed potato, french fries (P 325) or inside a pita bread (P 210). We had ours with some mashed potato which was good. I was still able to chew potato chunks which I liked. As for the chicken, it was fried good. Its best to dip it in the sauce that came with it.

Big Hummus with 5 Balls Falafel (P 295)

Could I have this plate all to myself please? Yes, it was that good! 😀 I don’t why their mix was just very flavorful and healthy (even though it’s fried but hey, sooooo delicious). Dipping it in the hummus only elevated its flavor! This is a stretch from my office but I would definitely drop by for these falafels.

There were only a few diners that afternoon so service was pretty okay. Place was well air conditioned and clean. The food was awesome and yes, I’m pretty much in love with their falafels. It was rightly priced too. I feel like I should pay more for it. They have other dishes under their roster but one should always, ALWAYS get their amazing falafels. 🙂

Beni’s Falafel
G/F A.Venue Mall, 7829 Makati Avenue,
Poblacion, Makati City

Beni's Falafel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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