Getting busy at BC Studio Cafe

And it was time to get busy for the next hour or so. Call it an hour filler but we just had to do something before the clock strikes a certain hour. This cafe posed as the perfect place to be just that: busy.

Taking its name from BC Magazine, it was an al fresco cafe with no pattern in terms of its interiors. I did like the addition of magazine clippings which paid respect to the magazine.

How cute is this fork!
Calamansi Muffin (P 80)

Sad to say, I was disappointed with this muffin. I could hardly taste the citrus in this. I did try to look for it but it just disappointed me.

Walnut Oatmeal (P 65)

This was a better choice compared to that muffin. It was bit chewy and had hints of walnut in it.

See You Latte (P 95)

This was a good latte. It had the right amount of milk and espresso to wake me up that time.

Despite the misses of this cafe, it was good to relax by this area. It is the only cafe at this center so we really had no choice then. Not sure if the other pastries are good but coffee was pretty decent. Service was timely too.

BC Studio Cafe
2/F The Commerce Center,
1780 Commerce cor. Filinvest Avenue,
Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
Facebook: Β


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