Hanging out at Bucky’s Counter

There’s always something new popping in BF Homes that makes one just go back for more. Had a peek at this place before and one of my friends even recommended it. A few months later and I’m back. And yes, this tops the list of restos to try in this village.

The place was very Instagram-worthy. Many shots were taken before we ordered our food. Haha. True to its name, one would be dining at counters. Though I still prefer the face-to-face kind of seating, this kind worked too. It’s very apt for those solo food tripping moments.

Ah…the bucky choices!
Original (P 80)

This was a bit tough to slice but taste was really good. Supposedly, there’s sea salt on this to pair with the dark chocolate but I could hardly taste the former. It was still good.

Bucky’s Flight (P 160)

Served with a carafe of warm milk, this was a good sampler of their bucky’s. One can choose from their bucky’s selection. This was my friend’s order, and she had Grumpy’s (dark chocolate and chocnut), Bugs Buckies (carrot cake) and Big Poppa (dark chocolate, cream cheese, bourbon and bacon). I had a taste of each, and I really liked the Bugs Buckies. There were hints of cinnamon there that I enjoyed. Grumpy’s was equally good too. As for the Big Poppa, the combination for me didn’t work. I felt that the liquor was strong for that batch.

Dirty White (P 140)

And that was one strong coffee! I liked the layers at the bottom where you could feel the cold milk mixing in with the strong coffee. This paired nicely with my choice of bucky’s that afternoon.

Aside from their bucky’s selection and coffee choices, they have other sweet treats such as their bonbons and pies. As much as I wanted to try the other offers, I guess another visit should be plotted on my calendar. Having this as your dessert or snack stop is good as their items are affordable. Service was good too. Since we were the only diners then, the server directed us to the section where it was cold. With their cute interiors and good food, hanging out by this counter is a simply a must for bucky’s enthusiasts.

Bucky’s Counter
Mezzanine Level, JJACC Building,
169 Aguirre Avenue,
BF Homes, Parañaque City
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/buckysnotabrownie/
Tumblr:  http://buckysnotabrownie.tumblr.com/

Bucky's Counter Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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