Can’t get enough of Kantori Yakitori

And this was no. 2 on the list! I was supposed to attend a food tasting here before but my sched was just messed up. I finally found the time to try the food here which I was really psyched up for.

The place was a bit small yet it could sit a lot of people thanks to its outdoor seating. What probably stands out here is the art on its wall. Its very much in the theme of food and art that was a nice touch to this yakitori place.

Sushi Fire Ball (P 58)

And this will surely set one’s tummy on fire! This consisted of kimchi, cheese, nori and kewpie. Though it’s not purely a Japanese dish, the addition of kimchi really fired up this dish. It was flavorful and just had the right level of spiciness. This was enough to start off our food journey here.

Tsukene (P 58)

This Japanese meatball had tare yolk on its sauce with bonito flakes atop the ball. The taste? It was good! Very flavorful that would instantly fill you up

Saikoro Beef Japan (P 148)

So tender and oh-so-delicious! It simply was. I didn’t even got to dip it in the sauce as it was tasty all on its own. I liked how the beef cube was juicy once you bite into it. It was simple with not much of the added flavorings. It really highlighted and paid respect to the very tender beef.

Shiitake (P 48) and Shiro (P 48)

Its aroma was instantly felt the moment this was placed on our table. It’s flavor was good too.


Yummehhhh! And this might be a lot coming from me as I really don’t eat intestines much. But this was just outstanding and topnotch in my opinion. What makes it different from others is the kewpie mix atop the snack.

Beerkada Beergarita (P 188)

One must simply pair their dishes with the drinks here. For that night, this was in order. Good for sharing, one could finish the whole drink all on its own. This beergarita was a mix of Asahi beer, tequila, lime and some syrup. The taste was just good. You could still taste the alcohol yet have that citrus kick in. It was very good as a palate cleanser.

When my friend and I finished dining here, we agreed to visit again. They have more dishes that we weren’t able to try (and drinks too 😛 ). Service was fast though parking may be a little difficult. It is situated at the busy area of Aguirre so it’s best to be a little early at this resto. Food was really good and the price was very, very, VERY affordable. We could’ve ordered more really. Haha. See, we just couldn’t get enough of it. 😛

Kantori Yakitori
51 Aguirre Avenue,
BF Homes, Parañaque City

Kantori Yakitori Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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