The Tavern Asia Fail

And this was where it all ended. All the highs for that night ended at a low.  First off, my phone’s camera couldn’t handle the dark lighting here. But that was just the start…

Yep…so dark right? And I had to manually adjust the brightness of that photo. Know that I don’t alter my photos much unless needed. And I needed to adjust this one just so it’s not that dark. Well, the night was starting already. The place was really building itself to become a bar then. There were ample seats inside and out with even a beer pong table outside. When the clock hit 10pm though, the inside of the resto becomes a smoking area too. Our server told us this, however, some people were smoking already at 9:30pm.

Alex Delight (P 370)

This seemed like a steal deal. When you order this, you get to have that bottle with a free streetfood platter. I can’t recall the mix on this drink but that doesn’t even matter. It was supposed to have some alcohol mix but I got none of its buzz. It tasted like a fruit juice mix. It really did. I could have finished that bottle all by myself and not get buzzed by it. This tasted sweet too. Glass after glass, it only tasted sweeter.

Streetfood Platter

And this was served 30 minutes later. Or maybe it was more. The photo in the menu had this platter on a sizzling plate. I expected that. And when it was served, it was just on a plate. The serving wasn’t that big too. And I really wondered why it took them so long for this to be served. I mean, you just had to fry these right? It tasted ordinary with nothing outstanding about it.

Chicken Yakitori with Java Rice (P 240)

This place had to redeem itself. We were having such a bad experience already that it just had to have a glimmer of hope. My friend told me that the food is good so I went ahead and tried this: Chicken Yakitori with Java Rice. True to its late fashion, it was served 30 minutes later. We had to follow up several times to the server on this. When it was finally served, the dish was actually delicious. The chicken was tender and goes nicely with the sauce and java rice.

I somehow had hopes for this place. The food (the one that I just had) really was its saving grace. And I bet the other dishes are good too. It would be best to go here during lunch time where service is probably better. I really don’t why we had to follow up several times for our orders. I must say though that the vibe at night was really nice. It was alive and quite crowded. But there are better hang out places in this area that would be much worth anyone’s time.

Tavern Asia
197 Aguirre Avenue,
BF Homes, Parañaque City

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