And there I was, on Exile On Main St.

Lovingly named after the owners’ fave album, “Exile on Main St.” by the Rolling Stones, this restaurant along Katipunan is one hidden gem. And I mean that literally. But once inside, you are transported to a different place. Yes, I was in exile for a moment there.

Yes, those are shoes on the ceiling. 😛

I took my own sweet time taking photos here. It was kind of obvious right? The place was very quirky with a lot of interesting pieces. From its walls down to its flooring, every nook was filled with art. It showed how much the owners paid attention to the details of this place. They even painted some of the chairs themselves. Talk about being passionate! Their place doubles as an art gallery where one could purchase the artworks. All proceeds go to the artists. Kudos to the restaurateurs! 😀

The owners who explained the details of the foodie night. And told us to stay hungry.

The rule of the foodie night: stay hungry. Yeah…most of the items on their menu were served to us. So…let’s get on with the food! 😀

Gimme Shitake (P 135)

Paired with Garlic Wasabi Mayo Dip, these chive encrusted shitake mushrooms was a good dish to start this foodie night. One could taste the shitake upon first bite. It was good to have it with the dip. The wasabi wasn’t that strong that it gave the right spice to this starter.

Longganisa Con Sinta (P 125)

This was my fave among the starters! I loved the longganisa mix in the dumpling. The paired salsa and black vinegar elevates its flavor but definitely good on its own. The longganisa was homemade and prepared by one of the owner’s lolas. No wonder this was good!

Grunge Nachos (P 175)

An odd pairing to this would be the pulled pork (which is another dish on their menu). But damn, it works! Mix it with the salsa and top it on the nacho, party on one’s mouth.

Next on the list was their Frequent Flyer Wings. One of their bestsellers, they have three offers for this which we got to taste all. One can either order 12 pieces priced at P215. For that order, one can choose up to two variants. But if rice is your game, you can order the 6 pieces at P130 with rice. Ah…so many choices! Check it out below.

Frequent Flyer Chicks: China

This was slightly sweet but you have to wait for the kick at the end. Its sweetness was brought by the honey and soy mix.

Frequent Flyer Chicks: Texas

Compared to the other wings, the taste of this was very distinct and I applaud them for that. It had a tangy bbq flavor that doesn’t overpower the meat.

Frequent Flyer Chicks: Java

This was a sweet ending to all the wings we ate. Haha. Tasting very much of the peanut, it was a sweet ending to all the wing choices.

Drunken Dory (P 130)

Well how about that dory? Yeah…steal price for such a huge piece. It kind of looks like a turon (banana fritter). Nyahaha. In terms of taste, very crunchy and rightly drunken. Really best to pair it with some rice

Baboy O’ Riley (P 135)

Their version of a liempo is that of a crispy kind. It’s texture is close to being that of a chicharon. It was very crunchy yet you could still taste the meat within. With that price, one could get it with black vinegar or china sauce with salsa.

Torn & Frayed (P 160)

Another dish served with rice, their pulled pork was just to be torn for. Get it? 😉 Haha. But seriously, this was good. This was stewed in some plum, soy and sesame sauce with some caramelized ginger and garlic. It was very tasty so it is best to eat it with some rice.

Monggo Tinapa Mo! (P 95)

Among their roster of dishes, this stands out. Well, it is the only soup on their menu. And this is the most Pinoy dish among them all. Generously topped with chicharon, this was very hearty and just heartwarming. You could taste the monggo and smoked fish on this.

Just when you think it’s over…they serve their pasta dishes. 😀

Tinapesto (P 145)

This pesto was all right in all the right places. They make their own sauce in all their dishes, and this was no exception to that. With some smoked fish, this was overall a good pasta dish.

The White Stripes (P 155)

This pasta dish is a fave among their regulars. And this was my fave pasta dish of the night. With some Fennel Sausages, roasted garlic and basil cream sauce, its flavor was just spot on. The sausage added that flavor to the dish which I must say, highlighted it very much.

Dorytos (P 180)

Though I prefer my fish slices to be small, I didn’t really expect that one. Haha. Taste of this was good too. The fish was a little tough but overall, still one good tomato and cream based pasta.

4’Shroom Pie (P 120)

Filled with enoki, button, shitake and oyster mushrooms in herbed cheese sauce, who wouldn’t fall in love with this pie? It was just good. Rightly creamy and the mushroom mix just blended well. This was the last of the main dishes (whew!) and I’d say, a perfect way to cap it all off.

But wait…there’s more! Haha. 😛 As much as their 4’Shroom Pie was a good ending to it all, one must always have room for desserts. And at this restaurant, it’s a must. Very much in demand from their customers, they shall be launching Exile Creamery Co. soon. Before that happens, we got to taste the buzz on their ice cream concoctions.

Y Tu Mamá Brownie (P 85)

The blend of Dutch Cocoa, semisweet chocolate and walnuts all make for a one good brownie. Topped off with their Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (aka: Loving Cup) and caramel syrup, the overall taste wasn’t that sweet. The whole dessert concoction was just plain good. If vanilla ice cream isn’t your thing, one may opt to have this with their other specialty ice creams. 😉

No-Eggs-Were-Harmed Choco Banana Cake w/Fudge (P 45)

And that choco banana slice was indeed moist! This is a lighter version compared to their Y Tu Mamá Brownie but still a good one. Same with that, one may opt to have this with any of their ice cream variations.

You might be wondering what are their other ice cream variations? Well, they’ve got traditional flavors and some not-so-traditional ones. For a single scoop, one could get it at P65. For a double one, it is priced at P120. Now for a triple serving, P175. No other scoops beyond that but they will be selling it in pints real soon. Let’s go taste these ice cream variants now shall we? 😉

Milk & Cookies (Cookie-Infused Ice Cream w/Half-Baked Chocolate Cookies)

Roasted Butter Pecan (Brown Butter & Toasted Pecan Ice Cream)
Mad Tea Party (Creamy Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream w/Lemon Pound Cake)

Maja Blanca (Sweet Corn Ice Cream w/Latik)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cloud (Half-Baked Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies in Vanilla Ice Cream)

The Revel Bar (Fudge Ice Cream w/Oatmeal Walnut Chunks)

It’s amazing how all their ice cream selections could be distinct from each other. True to their description, it tasted very much of that. All were very creamy and oh-so-delicious! Don’t ask me for my fave one coz it’s going to take me days to figure that out. Haha. 😛

Well, what can I say more about this place? I’ve got nothing but love for this resto even though it’s very far from where I live. I like how they successfully blended art and good food. In terms of price, it sure is a winner! Most dishes can even be shared.

Let me just thank Exile on Main St. for inviting me to this foodie night! 🙂 It truly was one stay-hungry-but-I’m-really-full-but-damn-I’m-still-gonna-eat-that kind of night. So if you’re looking to escape, be in exile for a moment here. Celebrate art and gorge on their delectable dishes 😉

Exile On Main St.
Unit H, 299 Katipunan Avenue,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
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  1. Haha, you guys got there first before us! XD Had my first date with the GF at their Leon Guinto branch 2 years ago 🙂

  2. I love their artisan ice cream, can’t wait to order and hoard! Joy of

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