Doing the Bamba Bistro Dance

bamba-bistro-1Don’t you just want to dance when you hear the word “bamba”? Well, acclaim could be well credited to this song but still, the mere mention of it just sounds festive. And on the day my family and I dined at this bistro, it was the perfect resto on that festive day. bamba-bistro-10







bamba-bistro-8It was a good thing we got there a little early. Even though it was the middle of the week, there were diners heading here to grab their food. The place was quite small but charming. They have two indoor seating and one outdoor one. The place looks clean and  classy in a casual way.

Mango Fruit Shake (P 120)
Mango Fruit Shake (P 120)

bamba-bistro-mango-fruit-shake-1And this was very fresh. Some restaurants go overboard with the ice or water but this was very thick. You could really taste the mango with every sip. One may opt to have this with milk though I’m unsure if that comes at a price.

French Onion Soup (P 180)
French Onion Soup (P 180)

bamba-bistro-french-onion-soup-1This was surprisingly good. I don’t recall having French Onion Soup but if that was my first time, it would be hard to top that one up. It had the right consistency and the taste of the onion could be felt through. Well, it’s the good onion kind of taste if that even makes sense. 😀

French Fries Moderne (P 190)
French Fries Moderne (P 190)


bamba-bistro-french-fries-moderne-1I just loved how they plated this one! I mean, look at it! So pretty 🙂 Sprinkled with feta cheese, fried rosemary and drizzled honey, this was one good appetizer. I got to appreciate the herb on this as the rosemary worked with the other ingredients. The fries weren’t that oily. With the help of honey, this was slightly on the sweet side.

Capellini Seafood Aglio Olio (P 360)
Capellini Seafood Aglio Olio (P 360)


bamba-bistro-capellini-seafood-aglio-olio-1This was a bit oily but still a goodie. The pasta noodles were al dente. And the seafood flavor just comes out in every bite.

Steak ala Manila (P 690)
Steak ala Manila (P 690)



bamba-bistro-steak-ala-manila-3And they took tapsilog to a whole new level! Their version includes steak, truffled eggs and garlic rice. I found the eggs to be fluffier than usual though I can hardly taste the truffle. As for the steak, it was good.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (P 495)
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (P 495)



bamba-bistro-winner-winner-chicken-dinner-1And folks, we have a winner! Well, I’m a little biased here as that was my plate. But seriously, this was one winning dish. It’s one of their new ones but I’m guessing it’ll be a house favorite soon. This had Asian Barbeque Chicken, curry fried rice, pomelo salad, cucumber, coconut, wansoy and shallots. There were a lot of components to this dish that you could do multiple combinations. I loved the chicken and the curry rice. The pomelo salad was a good breaker as it had this slight heat at the end.


bamba-bistro-7So just a little backstory on this. I spent the night of my birthday here with my parents. It was our first time here. After we got the bill, we were asked to fill out this form that says “free food on your birthday!”. Or something like it. So…sayang diba? Haha. 😉 Little did I know that they would bring this mini-cake out with matching song number. Imagine my surprise that night! It was totally unexpected but in a good way. So…back to the unexpected dessert. This served warm and heavily doused in caramel sauce. The taste wasn’t that sweet considering the amount of caramel in it. It blended well with the chocolate cake served.


bamba-bistro-12Great for intimate gatherings, get-togethers and even birthday celebrations, get festive and dance to Bamba Bistro’s beat. I’m sure their dishes will get you dancing and even asking for more. 😉

Bamba Bistro
55 Aguirre Avenue,
BF Homes, Paranaque City
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  1. I have always wanted to try this restaurant, but every time I read a review praising its food and I get excited to try it, once the realization that it’s in the southern part of Metro Manila sets in, I go, like, I hope they open a branch near us. Hahahaha

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