The Nozomi Experience

So this was unintentional. We finally arrived at Haneda International Airport but needed to go to Kyoto immediately. Most of the trains here are fast but the fastest is the Nozomi train. It’s the most expensive too and not covered by the JR Pass. It costs about ¥13,000 which could take a toll on one’s budget. But in about 2 hours or so, we reached our destination. Just so you could see how fast this train was, check out the vid below.

Wow right? Hahaha. That was a time lapse video. I tried to take in as much as I could but I was still experimenting on my camera then. Hehe. The train was fast with few stops in between. During the ride, we got a little hungry so we bought a couple of snacks while on the train.

Yeah…it was good to have experienced this kind of bullet train. A second time might not happen unless needed. It is expensive and there are other trains that could get you to where you are headed. It just might take some time but will still get you to your destination. 😉


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