Nishiki Ichiha and its green tea noodles

And we finally found a place to dine at Nishiki Market! Yayyy! 😀 <insert fireworks>

Haha. But we were seriously hungry then. This place just lit up with their interesting take on noodles. Time to do a noodle check at this resto.

This place really is a tea shop that specializes in…you guessed it: matcha! From tea to popcorn, they have various takes on this well-loved tea. Half of its space was its store while the half serves as a restaurant. The seating is few so we had to wait for us to be seated. The lighting was very warm which makes one feel at ease.

Time to gorge on their dishes! We opted for their combo meals which you could get with dessert. Judging by the offers here, one mustn’t pass up on that. Prices listed below are on an a la carte basis but I did indicate the plus prices for those with combo.

Matcha Soba with Kyo yuba and Mushrooms and Thick Sauce (¥ 950)

I was expecting a different sauce with a dark brownish color. But this came out and it just surprised me both in appearance and taste. Well, the appearance doesn’t look that appetizing but the taste will just surprise you. It was a bit sweet so if you want to add pizzaz to the dish, it was served with some spices.

Matcha Soba with Grated Radish and Mushrooms (¥ 850)

Just look at the generous serving of grated radish! It does change the soup’s flavor as you can feel it all throughout the dish. The mushrooms were a nice addition to most of their dishes. It gives it this interesting taste that could be sweet or smoky.

Matcha Soba (¥ 750)

I chose their most basic noodle soup with just the matcha soba noodles as the highlight. The noodles itself weren’t hard and gearing on the soft side. I guess that has something to do with the ingredient used. But you could taste the matcha in it. The soup base was just good. It was a bit sweet yet not overpoweringly sweet. It’s the kind that warms you after a whole day of walking. The other additions here made it interestingly delicious.

Green Tea Ice Cream (+¥ 400 with any dish)

This was creamy and a good way to end one’s meal here! 😛

Green Tea Ice Cream Ichiha Parfait (¥ 1,000/ +¥ 500 with any dish)

This is like the Japanese version of a halo halo. Just look at the layers on this. There were a lot of ingredients which worked well with each other.

Roasted Green Tea Ice Cream Original Popcorn (¥ 850/ + ¥ 500 with any dish)

The popcorn pieces were good and surprisingly not sweet. It paired well with the roasted green tea ice cream which was distinct in terms of taste. You do get that roasty feel upon first bite.

They have a take-out counter in case you want those sweet treats to go. I couldn’t choose a fave among the ones we had, and I bet the others are as equally tasty. So if you’re a matcha lover, you’ll find the offers here simply matcharap (combination of matcha and masarap which means delicious in English. Hehe). Get lost in Nishiki Market and hope you stumble upon this tea place. 🙂

Nishiki Ichiha
210 Kajiyacho, Nakagyo-Ku,
Kyoto 604-8052,
Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Official website:


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