Achieving that warm fuzzy feeling at Ichiran

As much as I enjoyed our green tea ramen experience at Nishiki Ichiha, nothing beats the good old ramen that makes one feel good all over. And yes, this ramen stop did just that. πŸ˜‰

Open 24 hours, it was a good thing we arrived a little early as the crowd slowly trickled at this branch. The place was pretty small so I was astounded as to how they arranged the seating here.

Multiple tissues at their bathroom with information on their stores

True to Japanese ramen fashion, one has to order their ramen via this machine. If you can zoom in on the photo, there’s just one ramen. The others are addition to it or pairing dishes. So you really don’t have to think much at this point aside from the additions.

One really gets a personal ramen experience here. They have these dividers that separate you from other diners. You can take it out if you’re with a group. In every “cubicle”, you get your own water faucet. I was amazed by this and instantly tried it for myself. πŸ™‚ And oh yeah, this was the part where I got to customize my ramen. I got to choose the flavor strength, richness and others. Ichiran is famous for their original red sauce so it’s a must to have some on your ramen choice. Once everything is all set on the list, just press the button above and wait for that ramen bowl to come. For the ramen alone, it costs Β₯ 790. That price includes the customization part unless you want some extra ramen noodles (Β₯ 980 for ramen refill), extra garlic cloves (Β₯ 120 for two extra cloves) or amp up that original red sauce (Β₯ 120).

Now, time for some ramen! πŸ˜€

Half-boiled salted egg for Β₯ 120

Kikurage mushrooms for Β₯ 120

That bowl above was my pick. I had the flavor strength at a medium, oil richness to medium and Ichiran’s Original Red Sauce at half level. I requested for little garlic, green onions, pork and had the noodles extra firm. The result: AMAZING! The broth was rich. I really liked the noodles as it achieved the texture that I always look for in a ramen. I didn’t regret adding that red sauce. As much as it made me sweat a little, it made me just want the ramen more. This really was a welcome ramen as it gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling after. πŸ™‚

Original Blended Tea (Β₯ 250)

It’s best to drink this while it’s still cold. It’s good as a palate cleanser or to end your dining experience here.

Good thing we had this as our first and last stop. Well, we just arrived in Tokyo then at night and decided to grab dinner outside. After dining here, you just want to relax after all that ramen goodness. As much as any ramen would energize you, it has this capacity to make you feel warm all over. And yes, this ramen resto did give me that warm fuzzy feeling. πŸ˜€

1-22-7 Jinnan | Iwamoto Bldg. B1F,
Shibuya 150-0041,
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Official website: Β


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