Gindaco Cafe: Of fishes and octopuses

I’ll never forget my first takoyaki experience. I had no idea back then what it was or the glory that it contained. To be honest, I didn’t know how to eat it. I mean, do I put the whole thing in my mouth and make my cheeks chubbier? Or do I take a bite (which I think I did) and see its glorious mixture? I do remember enjoying every bite of it. Years later, I got to experience the original one right in Tokyo. I wonder how this will fare with the first one. Hmm…

Most of their branches are just stalls with no seats. So this branch of theirs surprised me as this one not only had seats but even a 2nd floor. The interiors were very simple. It’s the kind where you’d either want to stay or for just quick breaks.

And that was just the top four takoyaki choices. They probably have more but I concentrated on this list.

Red cover: Custard Taiyaki, White cover: Red Bean Taiyaki Each priced at ¥ 210

I liked how the texture was crunchy on the outside. It really is like a croissant. As for the filling, both were good though I preferred the custard one. This is perfect to have as your dessert after gorging on their takoyaki. 😛

Takoyaki (8pcs at ¥ 550)

Time to try out their takoyaki! And why did I start with the dessert first? Haha. Anyhoo, you could either order 8 pcs or 6 pcs on any of their takoyaki choices. Of course we ordered 8 for we were such hungry folks then. Their original one was a bit warm and crunchy on the outside. It had the right amount of filling. The sauce and all the other toppings were on point too.

Takoyaki with Teriyaki Sauce and Egg (8pcs at ¥ 650)

I liked this one better. Maybe it’s because of the teriyaki sauce which I really liked. But pair that with the egg and it was just fantastic!

Yep, this definitely made me remember my first takoyaki of this very same resto. As much as that one filled me up on a full stomach, this one filled me up too but on an empty tummy. Whatever takoyaki variant you choose, I’m sure this will fill you up with their delicious offers. 😉

Gindaco Cafe
101-0021, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo Sotokanda 4-3-3, 
Official website:


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