That Double Bacardi Hit at Scatter

Ever been hit so hard that one hit felt like a two? I have. It came as a gentle surprise as I slowly drank my drink at this bar.

And this place really comes alive at night. My friend and I got here a little early. So we got the whole place to ourselves. And boy was their sound system loud! We were having these conversations that when the music stopped, my voice filled the empty space. Haha. As people slowly trickled in, it made for one hot spot in the south.

Truffled French Fries (P 190)

These fries were good though I was looking for that truffle taste. It only had little of it in the whole dish. I liked that the skin was intact, and that it wasn’t oily.

Balsamic Chicken (P 240)

Covered in bacon and drizzled with dill, chicken jus and balsamic reduction, this was one tender and tasty treat. I would’ve preferred it if there was more of the balsamic reduction. It was a good sauce that would really elevate this dish.

Scattachino (P 350)

And this was where the slow and silent double hit came. The drink looked harmless. It looked like a chocolate milkshake. We were told that this had Bacardi 151 and Bacardi White. That should have been a clue but hey, yolo right? Hahaha. Upon first sip, I immediately tasted the alcohol and so did my friend. It was a yummy drink that you wouldn’t mind shot after shot. After an hour or so, it hit me. This wasn’t the usual dizzy type of drunkenness or the throw up type. It caused me serious headache that I had to stop. My friend had to stop too. It hit her doubly that yeah, resting really helped. As in all state of drunkenness, it was still all good. I’m sure their other drinks too are just as yummy. And yes, I am recommending this drink despite that double hit. 😉

One wouldn’t miss their broadway light sign along Aguirre Avenue. With affordable drinks and good food to boot, the only improvement needed here is their service. We had to call the waiter several times before service water was served to us. It is a good place to hang out on a Saturday night though parking would be a problem during its peak hours.

So if you want to get that double hit or just have an overall good time, this bar is a good one to “scatter” in. 😉

Scatter MNL
146 Aguirre Avenue,
BF Homes, Parañaque City

Scatter MNL Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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