What to see in Asakusa?

What exactly are the sights to see in Asakusa? You have Sumida Park, Asahi Beer Tower, River Cruise and other well worthy sights. But the most famous one would probably be the temple here. No one would miss that big Japanese lantern. It has this magnet-like power that would just grab your attention and invite you to go in. With the strong force that it holds, below are the sights we saw as we journey to the temple. 🙂

Kaminari Gate
You’ll be greeted by this gate first where a lot of tourists flock to take photos. Yep, that includes me 😉

Nakamise Shopping Street
And there’s this long stretch of stores that will just greet you upon passing that gate. From souvenir shops to kimono rentals, there’s a lot to find on this street.

Hozomon Gate
And we’re near the temple! But before going in, this gate will greet you. A bit similar to Kaminari Gate but this one is bigger and grander.

Five-storey Pagoda
One wouldn’t miss this. It’s beside the gate and very near to the Sensoji Temple.

Sensoji Temple
Considered as one of the most famous and oldest temple, it’s probably one of the most crowded too.

There were two sights (temples I think) that were near Sensoji Temple. Yogodo and Yakushido were seemingly housed in this beautiful garden where one could reflect or say a prayer or two.



Surrounding garden

Asakusa Shrine
This part wasn’t visited much compared to the surrounding places of Sensoji Temple. This was different in a way as gray dominated the color palette. Maybe it’s the rocky flooring but it was nice to visit this one too.

Of course, tasting the snacks here were a must! I was curious on what the locals and other tourists were snacking on so might as well try it! 😛

Mango Ice Popsicle

Sweet Potato Bun

Green Tea Bun

So happy to have filled my tummy with these goodies! And oh, the sights filled me up too with some meditation and deep contemplation. 🙂


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