The Aoi Marushin Effect

Ever went to a place where it simply had this effect on you? May it be a good or a not-so-good one, places that we go to will always have an effect to us. And yes, it shall be imprinted on our memory. One such place in Japan did just that. Their tempura choices were overwhelming that I’m deeming this the Aoi Marushin Effect.

Waiting area at the ground floor

Don’t let that small space fool you. I’m not sure how many floors this building had but it has an elevator. That should be a clue. Not sure too if the building is solely dedicated to the restaurant but its facade seem to indicate so. They even have a waiting area.Β Just by having that says a lot about the dishes here.

Green tea

Complimentary green tea to start one’s dining journey here πŸ™‚

These are just some of the additions one may add to the tempura choices.

Assorted Tempura (Β₯ 1,600)

And this set included two prawns, seasonal fish, squid and green vegetables. All were fried well. It had a slight crunchy exterior yet retaining the good state of each.

Kuruma Prawn Tendon (Β₯ 2,960)

This bowl may seem small but it actually holds a lot! Once you get a spoonful, you get to see that the bowl is really deep. The prawns and green vegetables are atop some white rice which had sauce in it. This is one flavorful dish with a lot of umami. πŸ˜›

Their menu outside with matching food samples.
Take away counter

After touring around Asakusa Shrine, this is one of the best restos to go to. It’s a few walks away from Kaminari Gate. You could either dine in or have some to go. I actually saw one of the tourist just snacking on a huge fried piece while strolling this side. Whatever your tempura choice is, you’ll never go wrong here. And maybe you just might getΒ the Aoi Marushin Effect too. πŸ˜‰

Aoi Marushin
1-4-4 Asakusa, Taito 111-0032,
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Official website: Β
Facebook: Β
Twitter: Β


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