The View at Asahi Sky Room

A good view and some cold beer during the afternoon…sounds like a good plan right? At this tower, it really was.

Before heading to the 22nd floor where the room is located, there are lots interesting art pieces at their ground floor. Golden details can be seen there. It does feel like an office space as we could see a couple of employees passing by.

The place was quite small with ample seats inside. Rule is every diner should have an order. I respect that rule. When you see the view here, you’ll understand why. Aside from that rule, it’s a no smoking joint from 10AM to 3PM. Now…let’s see the buzz around the view here shall we? 🙂

And the view was just breathtaking! My photos probably didn’t give it justice. But it was really nice. In case you’re flying here, I suggest to sit by the side facing the windows. You really get to have nice view while enjoying your chosen drink.

Coffee (¥ 410)

Iced Coffee with Ice Cream (¥ 600)

Asahi Draft Beer (¥ 620)

No food to pair with as we were still full from our sumptuous lunch. Having either coffee or cold beer is the way to go here. As much as I need coffee daily, I went for beer here. It seemed apt to enjoy the view with some good buzz. 😉

Free beer!

Yes, we scored free beer! Maybe some kind of a giveaway? 🙂

So if you happen to see this golden tower that looks like a beer mug next to a beer glass, do give their Sky Room a visit. Grab a drink or two and enjoy the view. 🙂

Asahi Sky Room Restaurant
1-23-1 Azumabashi | Azumabashi Bldg. 22F,
Sumida 130-0001, Tokyo Prefecture , Japan


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