Feeling that Flame Restaurant Passion

When I read the email invitation for this, I just had to say yes and cleared my schedule. Who says no to a lunch preview? This event happened about a week ago where this restaurant wasn’t open yet for lunch. Now that this is in full swing since last week, let’s check out the offers of this passionate dining place.

Infused oil in a Porthole Infuser
Variety of homemade mustard

Located at the 16th floor of the luxurious Discovery Primea hotel, its interiors stayed true to that feel. Upon entering, you’d be greeted by this beautiful living chandelier. Everything seemed grand yet has this casual vibe. Their marble-top open kitchen allows conversations with the chef. Design Worldwide Partnership really carefully thought of its design to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. With the Makati skyline as its backdrop, this is the perfect spot for lunch gatherings. Speaking of lunch, let’s go check out those lunch offers shall we? 😉

Mango Juice

It was like every drop of mango wasn’t wasted here. It was very rich but still refreshing. They just let the natural sweetness of the fruit take centerstage with no other additions to it.

Salmon Tartare

Not exclusive during lunch hour, this tartare was very light which makes it perfect as a starter. The cream and sesame crisp does add this good twist to the tartare.

Homemade bread with butter

I cannot stress how much I loved their bread and butter. David Pardo de Ayala, who is the General Manager of Discovery Primea Makati, gushed how the diners loved their bread that some would order three. I can definitely relate to those diners! Haha. The bread just had the right consistency. It was airy and rightly dense inside. Don’t even get me started on the butter. Sourced from Bukidnon, the butter slice was drizzled with olive oil. Just mix it up a little, place some on your bread and heaven. 🙂 It really was heavenly. I had to stop myself from eating the whole thing for many dishes await that afternoon. 😉

Chilled Seafood Salad
Compressed watermelon

Served also for dinner, this salad had baby squid, octopus, shrimp and compressed watermelon drizzled with ginger-sesame dressing. Yeah…first time I ever heard of compressed watermelon. If I remember the process correctly, they pack all the sweetness of the fruit in that cube. When I had a bite, it tasted sweet in a natural sense. This salad did pack up that punch because of the dressing. Another good dish to start off with.

Pork Belly Doughnut

Our serving portion of this appetizer

I never envisioned donuts to be savory. But Chef Luis Chikiamco, who is the Executive Chef of Discovery Primea Makati, successfully made it savory and very delicious too. The pork belly bits inside were finely chopped. It went nicely with the butterscotch-miso dip.

Paella Meatballs

Our serving portion of this appetizer

I was expecting this to be spicy for it had Piquillo Pepper Sauce. But I find this one to be rightly spicy and another delicious appetizer on their lunch roster. Everything worked well down from the sauce up to the Spanish Chorizo engulfed in that Paella Meatball.

Chili Lobster Spaghetti

And I felt the fire on this dish! This pasta was a Sriracha Bisque type with lobster pieces, scallions and coriander. The spritzes of lemon balances the whole flavor out yet retaining its heat. I’m always up for spicy dishes and this was no exception. It was served with bread. Most of us scraped the sauce on the plate with the bread. That really was a great idea and good combo. The sauce was just good! 😛

U.S. Beef Tenderloin Mignonettes

How do I express how tender and flavorful this was? Oh, I just did. 😀 We were offered multiple homemade mustard with this but it didn’t need those. The tenderloin was good on its own. It was really juicy too. It was paired with Togarashi Potatoes, Toasted Spicy Vinaigrette and Tagaytay Tomatoes. Those additions really balanced the whole dish. Cooked medium rare, this was absolute perfection for me. 🙂


Gotta have my coffee to pair with their dessert. Their cappuccino delivered both on waking me up (I was full by this time but still had room for sweets 😉 ) and having the right mix of espresso and milk.

Black Pepper Panna Cotta

The caramelized apples, calvados cream, apple gelee and cinnamon puff pastry all make for one really good dessert. And who knew that black pepper and vanilla were buddies? We were told that pepper elevates the vanilla’s flavor. It really did on this dessert. The panna cotta itself was creamy yet very intact in terms of form. I liked mixing it with the other components. It was a good way to finish the lunch preview with this very sweet note.

Chef Luis Chikiamco
“Whether for lunch or dinner, we continue to push modern European cuisine and Asian combinations in bold, intriguing directions.” – Chef Luis Chikiamco
David Pardo de Ayala
“Our goal is to offer some of the finest lunch dishes in the City for even the most discerning of palates. People can expect each dish to be perfectly well-balanced and with no-frills. Here, we promise exquisite dining with a more casual edge.” – David Pardo de Ayala

Indeed, one would feel the burning passion of the well-crafted dishes here. Their take on Modern European cuisine with Asian influences showcase not only the technique but creativity behind every dish. Open for a couple of months now, there is no doubt that this restaurant will fire up the buzz all thanks to their great overall dining experience. So if you’re looking to heat up your tummies on a lunch hour, head to this restaurant, revel the lovely Makati skyline, experience great service and dine delectable dishes. Yes, I invite you to experience the Flame Restaurant passion. 🙂

Flame Restaurant
16F Discovery Primea,
6749 Ayala Avenue,
Urdaneta, Makati City
Official website:  http://www.discoveryprimea.com/bars-restaurants/flame-restaurant/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/DiscoveryPrimeaMakati
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/discoveryprimea
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/discoveryprimea/

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