Up All Night for Lucky’s Burger & Bar

Dining here made me want to sing this song out! I did feel lucky that time as this was another Zomato foodie meet up. And it was an intimate one at that. We were only less than 10 foodies there, including the Zomato crew. And with all the dishes served here, it can keep one up all night. πŸ˜‰

The place was quite small with a couple of seats at its ground floor, 2nd floor and outdoor seating. The 2nd floor is perfect for those intimate gatherings. Its design was very simple that exudes a manly appeal. They did have a couple of godfather photos. According to the manager, they do hold events for a fee. With their food, events here would definitely be memorable.

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea (P 70)

And this was simply refreshing! It was good as a palate cleanser to all the dishes we tried that day.

Lucky’s Bacon Chips (P 295)

WHY IS THIS SO GOOD? Okay…got a little excited there but seriously, THIS IS GOOD. It was crispy without the greasy feel. They have their bacon sourced without the additions to it. They prepare the batter and all the things that made it great in house. It was paired with this tangy sauce and some vinegar. I tried out both including mixing both sauces. It was good but on its own, you can just munch away. I had to remind myself that it’s bacon. It’s not any other chip out there but BACON. I had to stop grabbing but ugh…it was just oh-so-good. πŸ˜›

Beef Salpicao (P 280)

The beef was just tender. Its sauce was on point too. The garlic chips and mushroom bits just enhanced the flavor of this appetizer.

Peri Peri Chicken Skewers (P 255)
Yellow Rice

This dish packed some heat but bearable. It’ll just tickle your tastebuds leaving you wanting for more. It was served with yellow rice (with french beans on top) and cilantro sauce. Having the sauce on the chicken balances the flavor out. Have that with their rice and yes, you will be happy. I know I was. πŸ™‚

Lucky Chops (P 250)
Garlic & Chive Fried Rice

Served with gravy, this was one good dish too. The grilled pork chops were thinly sliced that made it easy to pull apart.

Creamy Mushroom Truffle Pasta (P 265)

And this is another stellar dish from this resto! It was consequently served with another pasta dish where it started a “pasta war”. Β Some were on the truffle side while the others were on the other pasta dish side. I did prefer the other one but this was good. It was creamy and had the right taste of truffle. It wasn’t too strong that overpowers the dish. Truffle lovers will truly enjoy this one. πŸ˜‰

Aglio e Olio (P 215)

I just preferred the delicate sweetness of this dish. I really just wanted something lighter as we had heavy dishes that day. Its taste was very simple and slightly sweet.

Lucky Burger (P 195)

They have a lot of burgers to choose from. It is a burger bar so they should have a lot of it. But for that day, we were served with their bestselling burger which is the Lucky Burger. This burger had 1/3 pound chargrilled beef patty with American Cheddar Cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and Lucky’s Signature Burger Dressing. It all made for one good burger. The patty was juicy and went well with the additions. Though it may seem a lot, I liked how all the additions here worked to put the highlight on the patty.

Fudge Sampler
Turtle Fudge
Caramel Fudge
Smores Fudge

You can never go wrong in choosing this as your dessert here. All the fudge samples were simply good. Yes, it can be sweet but it’s a good way to end your dining experience here. My fave among the three was the Turtle Fudge. I just liked the bits there.

Lucky’s Apple Pie (P 130)

Just look at the stack of apple bits there. They definitely packed that fruit in. And yes, they make one good apple pie. πŸ™‚

Among the restaurants on this side, this definitely is one of the affordable ones. Dishes are good for sharing. It’s the perfect place to hang out after work. So really, you get your money’s worth. So far, they only have this branch but they’re eyeing other places too. They should! I mean…bacon chips…must have more of that. πŸ˜›

Lucky’s Burger & Bar
Tuscany, Upper Mckinley Road,
McKinley Hill, Taguig City
Facebook: Β https://www.facebook.com/luckysphilippines/
Twitter: Β https://twitter.com/luckys_ph
Instagram: Β https://www.instagram.com/luckys_ph/
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